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 zī liào material / resources / data / information / profile (Internet) / CL:份[fen4],個|个[ge4]
 cè miàn lateral side / side / aspect / profile
 zhī míng dù reputation / profile / familiarity in the public consciousness
 zhǎng xiàng appearance / looks / profile / countenance
 wài mào profile / appearance
 zǒng zé profile / general provision (law)
 pōu miàn profile / section
 xiǎo zhuàn sketch biography / profile
 pōu miàn tú profile
 cè yǐng profile / silhouette
 cè xiě to profile / profile / (offender) profiling
线  profile (science in general)
线 cè xiàn profile
线 kuò xiàn profile
 gè rén jiǎn lì personal history profile
 xíng cái extruded profile
 dǐng apex / crown of the head / top / roof / most / to carry on the head / to push to the top / to go against / to replace / to substitute / to be subjected to (an aerial bombing, hailstorm etc) / (slang) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile / classifier for headwear, hats, veils etc
 zhèng fǔ jī guān kāi fàng xì tǒng hù lián zǒng zé Government Open system Interconnection Profile / GOSIP
  environmental technology profile
 huán jìng gài kuàng environmental profile
 yán duó shì yì tú salinity profile
线  ozone profile
  hyetograph / hyetogram / storm profile
  unreversed refraction line / unreversed seismic refraction data / unreversed refraction profile
  mission profile
线 wēn duó chuí zhí kuò xiàn fú shè yí vertical temperature profile radiometer
  generic job profile
 guó jiā fāng àn jiǎn jiè country programme profile
 guó qíng jiǎn jiè country profile
  Topological Vector Profile
 shēn duó pōu miàn depth section / depth-converted profile / depth profile
  CTD profile
  national externality profile
  seismic profile
  Project Profile Screening and Pre-Appraisal Information System
 cè shēn pōu miàn bathymetric profile / depth profile
湿线  moisture content profile
 zào shēng pōu miàn walkaway profile / noise profile / microspread
 shēng sù pōu miàn sound velocity profile / velocity profile / speed of sound profile
  environmental product profile
 dá ěr fù ěr rén dào zhǔ yì jiǎn kuàng Darfur Humanitarian Profile
  data profile
  interpreted profile / interpreted section
  refraction record section / refraction profile
 dié jiā pōu miàn stacked profile
 èr wéi cè shēn pōu miàn two-dimensional bathymetric profile / 2D bathymetric profile
  time section / traveltime section / time profile
  synthetic depth profile
  country health information profile
  victim profile / mine-victim profile
  Country Profile Data Base
线  multichannel seismic reflection line / MCS reflection line / multichannel seismic reflection profile
  multichannel seismic reflection line / MCS reflection line / multichannel seismic reflection profile
  Country Marine Profile Database
  two-way time profile / TWT profile
  pharmacological profile
  side-effect profile
  multichannel seismic profile
  Marine Science Country Profile
 chén qián to lurk under water / to immerse oneself in (study etc) / to lie low / to keep a low profile / quiet / reserved / self-possessed
 tuī wén tweet (on Twitter) / (HK, Tw) to "bump" a forum thread to raise its profile / to reply to original poster (or recommend a post) on PTT bulletin board
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