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 tào to cover / to encase / cover / sheath / to overlap / to interleave / to model after / to copy / formula / harness / loop of rope / (fig.) to fish for / to obtain slyly / classifier for sets, collections / bend (of a river or mountain range, in place names) / tau (Greek letter Ττ)
 wō nest / pit or hollow on the human body / lair / den / place / to harbor or shelter / to hold in check / to bend / classifier for litters and broods
 wān qū to bend / to curve around / curved / crooked / to wind / to warp
 guǎi wān chù corner / bend
 hā yāo to bend
 hé qū bend (of a river) / meander
 wān to bend / bent / a bend / a turn (in the road etc) / CL:道[dao4]
 gōng a bow (weapon) / CL:張|张[zhang1] / to bend / to arch (one's back etc)
 lì to bend / to violate / to go against / ruthless and tyrannical
 qū to bend / to yield / to exhaust / to stutter
 jué bend / leap
 wān zi bend / turn / curve
 bāi wān to bend / (slang) to turn a straight person gay
 yǎn to hide, to secrete, to repress / to bend
 yuè to bend
 wān zhé to bend
 quán qū to curl up / to bend
 náo qū to bend / flexing / deflection
 qiáo qū to warp / to bend / fig. distorted opinion / prejudice
 qiáo leng to warp / to bend
 wān jiǎo corner / bend / curve
 wēi (dialect) to bend (a long and thin object)
 wǎi zi bend (in a river, road etc) (used in place names)
 jū gōng to bow / (literary) to bend down
 fǔ shēn to lean over / to bend over / to stoop / to bow
 fǔ shǒu to bend one's head
 zhuǎn jiǎo bend in a street / corner / to turn a corner
 cè ěr to bend an ear (to) / to listen
 jū gōng jìn cuì to bend to a task and spare no effort (idiom) / striving to the utmost
 zhé yāo to bend at the waist / to bow / (fig.) to bow to / to submit
 fú àn to bend over one's desk (writing, studying, taking a nap etc)
 hé tào river bend
 bēi gōng qū xī to bow and bend the knee (idiom) / fawning / bending and scraping to curry favor
 tān zāng wǎng fǎ corruption and abuse of the law (idiom) / to take bribes and bend the law
 dūn fú to crouch low and bend forward (esp. in hiding or in wait)
 lǎo hǔ dèng tiger bench (torture method in which the victim sits with legs extended horizontally along a bench, upper legs held down with straps while bricks are inserted under the feet, forcing the knee joint to bend in reverse)
 suí fēng dǎo to bend with the wind
 pū to throw oneself at / to pounce on / to devote one's energies / to flap / to flutter / to dab / to pat / to bend over
 chuí to hang (down) / droop / dangle / bend down / hand down / bequeath / nearly / almost / to approach
 cuò obstructed / to fail / to oppress / to repress / to lower the tone / to bend back / to dampen
 ào to bend in two so as to break / to defy / to disobey / also pr. [ao3]
 juàn to bend iron
 xùn sī wǎng fǎ to bend the law in order to favor one's relatives or associates (idiom)
 jū gōng jìn lì to bend to a task and spare no effort (idiom) / striving to the utmost / same as 鞠躬盡瘁|鞠躬尽瘁[ju1 gong1 jin4 cui4]
 fǔ shí jiē shì lit. so numerous that one could just bend down and pick them up (idiom) / fig. extremely common / easily available
 běn dé Bend,
 máo yāo to bend over
 qū to bend / yield
 wàn to bend the wrist
 wēi cove / bay / a bend or nook in the hills / the curve of a bow
 nāng a bend in a river (Cantonese)
 fǔ shǒu qīng ěr to bend one's head and listen attentively (idiom)
 qū tǐ to bend at the waist / (fig.) to bow to / pike position (diving)
 gōng yāo to bow / to bend at the waist
 gōng shēn to bend the body at the waist / to bow
 pīn mìng tǎo hǎo to throw oneself at sb or sth / to bend over backwards to help
 tàn shēn zi to bend forward / to lean out
 tīng qū a bend in a stream
 jū gōng jìn cuì , sǐ ér hòu yǐ to bend to a task and spare no effort unto one's dying day (idiom) / striving to the utmost one's whole life / with every breath in one's body, unto one's dying day
 máo yāo (dialect) to bend over
 qū tū xǐ xīn lit. to bend the chimney and remove the firewood (to prevent fire) (idiom) / fig. to take preventive measures
 wān dào chāo chē to overtake on a bend (driving) / (fig.) taking opportunity of tight corners to make swift progress (economy etc)
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