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 zì rán nature / natural / naturally
 tiān shēng nature / disposition / innate / natural
 tiān rán natural
 xiān tiān inborn / innate / natural
 sǎ tuō free and at ease / natural / unconstrained
 yōng róng natural / graceful / and poised
 dà dà fāng fāng confident / calm / natural / poised
 zī yuán natural resource (such as water or minerals) / resource (such as manpower or tourism)
 dāng rán only natural / as it should be / certainly / of course / without doubt
 dà fang generous / magnanimous / stylish / in good taste / easy-mannered / natural and relaxed
 táo tài to wash out / elimination (by selection) / natural selection / to knock out (in a competition) / to die out / to phase out
 zī zhì aptitude / natural endowments
 tiān rán qì natural gas
 dà zì rán nature (the natural world)
 běn shǎi natural color
 běn sè inherent qualities / natural qualities / distinctive character / true qualities
 rán qì fuel gas (coal gas, natural gas, methane etc)
 běn xìng natural instincts / nature / inherent quality
 chū chǎn to produce (by natural growth, or by manufacture, mining etc) / to yield / to turn out / produce / products
 zì rán kē xué natural sciences
 gǎng wān natural harbor / bay serving as harbor
 tiān dào natural law / heavenly law / weather (dialect)
 yuán wèi authentic taste / plain cooked / natural flavor (without spices and seasonings)
 shēng xìng natural disposition
 zì rán jiè nature / the natural world
 chǔ liàng remaining quantity / reserves (of natural resources, oil etc)
 hǎi mián sponge (zoology) / sponge (piece of absorbent material, either natural or made from plastic etc) / foam rubber
 zì rán zī yuán natural resource
 shòu zāi disaster-stricken / to be hit by a natural calamity
 zì rán rén natural person (law) / see also 法人[fa3 ren2]
 zì rán zāi hài natural disaster
 tiān shí the time / the right time / weather conditions / destiny / course of time / heaven's natural order
 nì tiān to be in defiance of the natural order
 tiān lǐ Heaven's law / the natural order of things
 tiān fèn natural gift / talent
 zōng zhǔ head of a clan / natural leader / person of prestige and authority in a domain / suzerain
 tiān dí predator / natural enemy
 Qín lǐng Qinling mountain range in Shaanxi forming natural barrier between Guanzhong plain 關中平原|关中平原[Guan1 zhong1 ping2 yuan2] and Han River 漢水|汉水[Han4 shui3] valley
 wù chǎn products / produce / natural resources
 tiān zāi natural disaster
 xíng yún liú shuǐ lit. moving clouds and flowing water (idiom) / fig. very natural and flowing style of calligraphy, writing, etc / natural and unforced
 fáng zāi disaster prevention / to protect against natural disasters
 wú fǎ wú tiān regardless of the law and of natural morality (idiom) / maverick / undisciplined and out of control
 shuǐ tǔ water and soil / surface water / natural environment (extended meaning) / climate
 cán sī natural silk (secreted by silkworm)
 shēng mǔ natural mother / birth mother
 tiān rán xiàng jiāo natural rubber
 kàng zāi defense against natural disasters
 shēn tán deep natural pond / deep pit / abyss
 tiān zāi rén huò natural calamities and man-made disasters (idiom)
 luò luò dà fāng (of one's conduct, speech etc) natural and unrestrained
 bǐng xìng innate character / natural disposition / attitude
 lǐ texture / grain (of wood) / inner essence / intrinsic order / reason / logic / truth / science / natural science (esp. physics) / to manage / to pay attention to / to run (affairs) / to handle / to put in order / to tidy up
 lóng dòng cave / natural cavern (in limestone)
 bó wù natural science
 miè shī loss (of sth through natural disaster, theft etc) (law)
 fēng tǔ natural conditions and social customs of a place / local conditions
 bǐng fù natural endowment / gift
 tiān nián natural life span
 tiān xiǎn a natural stronghold
 fǎn pú guī zhēn to return to one's true self / to regain the natural state
 tiān zé natural selection
 shùn chǎn to give birth without complications / easy childbirth / safe delivery / natural birth (without surgical operation)
 bì yuè xiū huā lit. hiding the moon, shaming the flowers (idiom) / fig. female beauty exceeding even that of the natural world
 zì rán shù natural number
 bào tiǎn tiān wù to waste natural resources recklessly / not to know how to use things sparingly
 zì rán xuǎn zé natural selection
 zì rán yǔ yán natural language
 zì rán zēng zhǎng shuài rate of natural increase
 yùn zhì grace / natural charm
 zāi huāng natural disaster / famine
 bǐng xìng natural disposition
 zì rán liáo fǎ natural therapy
 shēng wù jiè biosphere / natural world
 gé zhì to study the underlying principle to acquire knowledge (abbr. for 格物致知[ge2 wu4 zhi4 zhi1]) / word for Western natural sciences during late Qing
 fēng zhì natural charm / grace
 gé wù to study the underlying principles, esp. in neo-Confucian rational learning 理學|理学[li3 xue2] / word for Western natural sciences during late Qing
 tiān yǎn natural change / evolution (early translation, since replaced by 進化|进化)
 wù hòu natural phenomena of a seasonal nature
  compressed natural gas
 bèi huāng to prepare against natural disasters
  natural vegetative strips / buffer strip
 rén zhī cháng qíng human nature (idiom) / a behavior that is only natural
 qióng shān è shuǐ lit. barren hills and wild rivers (idiom) / fig. inhospitable natural environment
 Wú Yuè tóng zhōu Wu and Yue in the same boat (idiom) / fig. cooperation between natural rivals / to collaborate towards a common end / in the same boat together
 zì rán jīng jì natural economy (exchange of goods by bartering not involving money)
 fù cí zǐ xiào benevolent father, filial son (idiom) / natural love between parents and children
 wù jìng tiān zé natural selection
 zì rán fǎ natural law
 tiān rán běn dì natural background
 tiān rán dú sù natural toxin
 tiān rán yóu natural uranium
 zì rán kē xué jī jīn huì natural science fund
 Jīng dū niàn cí ān pí pá gāo Nin Jiom Pei Pa Koa, a Traditional Chinese natural herbal remedy / condensed loquat extract
 jiǎ shēng falsetto / opposite: natural or true voice 真聲|真声[zhen1 sheng1]
 tiān rán zhào liàng natural lighting
 tiān rán xiān wéi natural fiber
 tiān yào luò yǔ , niáng yào jià rén the rain will fall, the womenfolk will marry (idiom) / fig. the natural order of things / something you can't go against
 cóng jiàn rú liú to follow admonition as natural flow (idiom) / to accept criticism or correction (even from one's inferiors)
 xìng dì innate quality / natural disposition
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