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Strokes 4
Mandarin jiàn; xiàn
Entry Methods
Pinyin jian4; xian4
Kanji /
Sijiao 772.1
Wubi MQB
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+89C1
Results for 见
 jiàn to see / to meet / to appear (to be sth) / to interview
 xiàn to appear / also written 現|现[xian4]
Results beginning with 见
 jiàn dào to see
 jiàn guò have seen
 jiàn miàn to meet / to see each other / CL:次[ci4]
 jiàn shi to gain first-hand knowledge of sth / to experience for oneself / knowledge / experience / insight
 jiàn zhèng to be witness to / witness / evidence
 jiàn jiě opinion / view / understanding
 jiàn xí to learn on the job / to be on probation
 jiàn zhuàng upon seeing this, ... / in response, ...
 jiàn liàng please forgive me
 jiàn xiào to have the desired effect
 jiàn guǐ curse it! / to hell with it!
 jiàn wén what one has seen and heard / knowledge / one's experience
 jiàn cháng to be good at sth / one's forte
 jiàn dé to seem / to appear / (in a negative or interrogative sentence) to be sure
 jiàn guài to mind / to take offense
 jiàn fāng a (10 meter) square / a square of given side
 jiàn dì opinion / view / insight
 jiàn xiào to mock / to be ridiculed / to incur ridicule through one's poor performance (humble)
 jiàn wài to regard sb as an outsider
 jiàn bào to appear in the news / in the papers
 jiàn jiào I have been enlightened by your teaching (humble)
 jiàn ài loved / respected (honorific)
 jiàn bēi to pass away (lit., of the older generation) / to be orphaned
访 jiàn fǎng your visit (honorific) / you honor me with your visit
 jiàn hóng (coll.) to bleed (esp. vaginal bleeding) / to suffer a financial loss
 jiàn jià to have an audience (with the emperor)
 jiàn liàng please forgive me
 jiàn shuō to hear what was said
 jiàn tiān (coll.) every day
 jiàn bu dé not fit to be seen by / should not be exposed to / can't bear to see
 jiàn miàn lǐ gift given to sb when meeting them for the first time
 jiàn zhèng rén eyewitness (to an incident) / witness (to a legal transaction)
 jiàn xí shēng apprentice / probationer / cadet
 jiàn guāng sǐ (lit.) to wither in the light of day / (fig.) the bubble bursts as the reality becomes apparent (esp. of a much-anticipated first meeting with sb) / (of stocks) just as the favorable news is officially published, the stock price falls
 jiàn shi qiǎn short-sighted
 jiàn xí yuán trainee
 jiàn Yán wáng to meet one's Maker / to die
 jiàn yì yǒng wéi to see what is right and act courageously (idiom, from Analects) / to stand up bravely for the truth / acting heroically in a just cause
 jiàn bu dé rén shameful
 jiàn guài bù guài to keep one's calm in the face of the unexpected / not to wonder at strange sights
广 jiàn duō shí guǎng experienced and knowledgeable (idiom)
 jiàn rén jiàn zhì opinions differ (idiom)
 jiàn lì wàng yì to see profit and forget morality (idiom) / to act from mercenary considerations / to sell one's soul for gain
 jiàn fèng chā zhēn lit. to see a gap and stick in a needle (idiom) / fig. to make use of every second and every inch
 jiàn yì sī qiān to change at once on seeing sth different (idiom) / loving fads and novelty / never satisfied with what one has
 jiàn wēi zhī zhù one tiny clue reveals the general trend (idiom) / small beginnings show how things will develop
 jiàn cái qǐ yì seeing riches provokes evil designs
使 jiàn fēng shǐ duò lit. see the wind and set the helm (idiom) / fig. to act pragmatically / to be flexible and take advantage of the situation
使 jiàn fēng shǐ fān lit. see the wind and set your sails (idiom) / fig. to act pragmatically / to be flexible and take advantage of the situation
 jiàn fēng shì yǔ lit. see the wind and assume it will rain (idiom) / fig. gullible / to believe whatever people suggest
 jiàn fēng zhuǎn duò lit. see the wind and set the helm (idiom) / fig. to act pragmatically / to be flexible and take advantage of the situation
 jiàn jǐng shēng qíng to be touched by a scene / to adapt to the situation
 jiàn jī xíng shì see the opportunity and act (idiom) / to act according to circumstances / to play it by ear / to use one's discretion
 jiàn liè xīn xǐ lit. seeing others go hunting, one is excited by memories of the thrill of the hunt (idiom) / fig. seeing others do what one loves to do, one is inspired to try it again
 jiàn lì sī yì to see profit and remember morality (idiom) / to act ethically / not tempted by riches
 jiàn qián yǎn kāi to open one's eyes wide at the sight of profit (idiom) / thinking of nothing but personal gain / money-grubbing
 jiàn xián sī qí see a worthy, think to imitate (idiom, from Analects) / emulate the virtuous / Follow the example of a virtuous and wise teacher.
 jiàn fèng jiù zuān lit. to squeeze into every crack (idiom) / fig. to make the most of every opportunity
 jiàn hǎo jiù shōu to quit while one is ahead (idiom) / to know when to stop
 jiàn Mǎ kè sī to die / lit. to visit Marx / to pass away
 jiàn nán ér shàng to take the bull by the horns (idiom)
 jiàn piào jí fù payable at sight / payable to bearer
 jiàn sè wàng yì to forget loyalty when in love / hoes before bros
 jiàn sè wàng yǒu to neglect one's friends when smitten with a new love
 jiàn wén yǒu xiàn to possess limited experience and knowledge (idiom)
 jiàn xí yī shēng medical intern
 jiàn xí yī shī medical intern
 jiàn xuè fēng hóu upas
 jiān zhāo chāi zhāo to counter every move / to be full of tricks
 jiàn zhī shí shī to put into effect (idiom)
 jiàn zhū xíng dòng to translate sth into action / to put sth into action
  trainee interpreter
 jiàn xuè fēng hóu shù Antiaris toxicaria (botany)
  programmer trainee / trainee programmer
 yì jiàn idea / opinion / suggestion / objection / complaint / CL:點|点[dian3],條|条[tiao2]
 kàn jiàn to see / to catch sight of
 cháng jiàn commonly seen / common / to see sth frequently
 bù jiàn not to see / not to meet / to have disappeared / to be missing
 kě jiàn it can clearly be seen (that this is the case) / it is (thus) clear / clear / visible
 tīng jiàn to hear
 yù jiàn to meet
 hǎn jiàn rare / rarely seen
 huì jiàn to meet with (sb who is paying a visit) / CL:次[ci4]
 xiāng jiàn to see each other / to meet in person
 suǒ jiàn seen / what one sees
 shǎo jiàn rare / not familiar (to the speaker) / sth rarely experience / hard to see
 yǎn jiàn to see with one's own eyes / very soon
 mèng jiàn to dream about (sth or sb) / to see in a dream
 cān jiàn to refer to / see also / compare (cf.) / to pay respect to
 xiáng jiàn for further details, refer to
 yù jiàn to foresee / to predict / to forecast / to envision / foresight / intuition / vision
 piān jiàn prejudice
 xiǎng jiàn to infer / to gather
 qiáo jiàn to see
 jiē jiàn to receive sb / to grant an interview
 qǐ jiàn motive / purpose / (sth) being the motive or purpose
 pèng jiàn to run into / to meet (unexpectedly) / to bump into
 wàng jiàn to espy / to spot
 piē jiàn to glimpse
 bài jiàn to pay a formal visit / to call to pay respects / to meet one's senior or superior
 zhǔ jiàn one's own view / having definite opinions
 gāo jiàn wise opinion / brilliant idea (honorific)
 zhuàng jiàn to meet by accident
 zú jiàn it goes to show that / one can see
 zhào jiàn call in (one's subordinates) / summon (an envoy of a foreign country) to an interview
 chéng jiàn preconceived idea / bias / prejudice
 yuē jiàn to arrange an interview / an appointment (with the foreign ambassador)
 yuǎn jiàn vision
 yǐn jiàn to introduce (sb) / (esp.) to present to the emperor
 chuàng jiàn an original idea
 xiǎn jiàn obvious / clearly visible
 xiān jiàn foresight / prescience
 jǐ jiàn one's own viewpoint
 zhèng jiàn political views
 yú jiàn my humble opinion
 qiǎn jiàn shallow opinion / humble opinion
 wén jiàn to smell / to hear / knowledge / information
 ǒu jiàn to happen upon / to see incidentally / occasional / accidental
 jìn jiàn to have an audience (with the Emperor)
 kòu jiàn to kowtow in salute
 jìn jiàn to have an audience with
 zhuō jiàn my unworthy opinion (humble expr.)
 cháo jiàn to have an audience (with the Emperor)
 huí jiàn See you later!
 sǎn jiàn seen periodically
 chǒu jiàn to see
 dòng jiàn insight / to see clearly
 qí jiàn disagreement / differing interpretations
 guǎn jiàn my limited view (lit. view through a thin tube) / my limited understanding / my opinion (humble)
 duǎn jiàn short-sighted / suicide
 bǐ jiàn (my) humble opinion / humble idea
 chuán jiàn to summon for an interview
 dài jian (coll.) to like
 diǎn jiàn to check an amount
 dìng jiàn firm view / definite opinion
 jìn jiàn to deny a detainee visitation privileges
 lìng jiàn cf. / see also
 miù jiàn erroneous views / false idea / false opinion
 shí jiàn knowledge and experience
宿 sù jiàn long-held opinion / long-cherished view
 xí jiàn commonly seen
 yán jiàn to introduce / to receive sb
 yì jiàn dissident / dissenting / dissent
 yì jiàn subjective view
 yū jiàn absurd opinion / pedantic and unrealistic view
 zài jiàn goodbye / see you again later
 zhǎo jiàn to find (sth one has been looking for)
 zhuó jiàn to see clearly / deep insight / profound view
 bù jiàn le disappear / be missing
 kàn bu jiàn unseen / to be invisible
 bù jiàn de not necessarily / not likely
 kàn dé jiàn can see / visible
 tīng bu jiàn not be able to hear
  opinion piece
 cháng jiàn bìng common illnesses
 néng jiàn dù visibility
 tīng dé jiàn audible
 zhǎng jiàn shi to gain knowledge and experience
 yì jiàn xiāng suggestion box
 kě jiàn guāng visible light / light in optical spectrum
 xún duǎn jiàn to commit suicide
 yǎn jiàn de (dialect) obviously / clearly
 chuàng jiàn xìng original (idea, discovery etc)
 huí tóu jiàn See you! / Bye!
 huó jiǔ jiàn (neologism c. 2006) if you live long enough, you'll see everything / Just incredible!
 kě lián jiàn (coll.) pitiable / to have pity on sb
 míng tiān jiàn see you tomorrow
 wú zhǔ jiàn without one's own opinions
 xiān jiàn zhě seer
 yì jiàn zhě dissident
 yǒu zhǔ jiàn opinionated / having one's own strong views
 zài fā xiàn rediscovery
 cháng jiàn wèn tí common problems / FAQ
 yóu cǐ kě jiàn from this, it can be seen that...
 yī jiàn zhōng qíng love at first sight (idiom)
 xiǎn ér yì jiàn clearly and easy to see (idiom) / obviously / clearly / it goes without saying
 shì ér bù jiàn to turn a blind eye to / to ignore
 hǎo jiǔ bu jiàn long time no see
 yī zhēn jiàn xiě lit. to draw blood on the first prick (idiom) / fig. to hit the nail on the head
 sī kōng jiàn guàn a common occurrence (idiom)
 kāi mén jiàn shān lit. to open the door and see the mountain / fig. to get right to the point (idiom)
 lu:3 jiàn bù xiān a common occurrence (idiom)
 yī jiàn rú gù familiarity at first sight
竿 lì gān jiàn yǐng lit. set up a pole and see the shadow (idiom) / fig. instant effect / quick results
 zhuō jīn jiàn zhǒu lit. pulling on the lapels exposes the elbows (idiom) / strapped for cash / unable to make ends meet
 xǐ wén lè jiàn to love to hear and see (idiom) / well received / to one's liking
 gè shū jǐ jiàn everyone gives their own view
 zhēn zhī zhuó jiàn penetrating insight
 yuǎn jiàn zhuó shí visionary and sagacious (idiom)
 xiāng xíng jiàn chù to pale by comparison (idiom)
 yǎn jiàn wéi shí seeing is believing
 gù zhí jǐ jiàn to persist in one's views
 bō yún jiàn rì lit. to dispel the clouds and see the sun (idiom) / fig. to restore justice
 bīng róng xiāng jiàn to meet on the battlefield (idiom)
 mén hù zhī jiàn sectarian bias / parochialism
 gè chí jǐ jiàn each sticks to his own opinion (idiom) / chacun son gout
 yī kǒng zhī jiàn partial view / limited outlook
 bù jiàn jīng zhuàn not found in the classics (idiom) / unknown / unfounded / not authoritative
 bù jiàn tiān rì all black, no daylight (idiom) / a world without justice
 céng jiàn dié chū to occur frequently / to occur repeatedly
 chóng jiàn tiān rì to see the light again (idiom) / delivered from oppression
 chuī kāng jiàn mǐ instant results / lit. blow the husk and see the rice
 gè zhí jǐ jiàn each sticks to his own view (idiom) / a dialogue of the deaf
 guǎn jiàn suǒ jí in my humble opinion (idiom)
 jǐng wā zhī jiàn the view of a frog in a well (idiom) / fig. a narrow view
 lu:è jiàn yī bān lit. to glimpse just one spot (of the panther) (idiom) / fig. to get an inkling of the whole picture
 mù bù jiàn jié lit. the eye cannot see the eyelashes (idiom) / fig. unable to see one's own faults / to lack self-awareness / truths too close to home
 mù bù rěn jiàn lit. the eye cannot bear to see it (idiom) / a scene too pitiful to behold
 shǎo jiàn duō guài lit. rarely seen, very strange (idiom) / to express amazement due to lack of experience / naive expression of excitement due to ignorance
 shí wēi jiàn jǐ lit. see a tiny bit and understand everything (idiom)
 xiāng jiàn hèn wǎn to regret not having met earlier (idiom) / It is nice to meet you finally. / It feels like we have known each other all along.
 xiān jiàn zhī míng foresight
 yī bān jiàn shi to lower oneself to sb's level / to argue with sb less well-informed
 yī jiàn qīng xīn love at first sight
 yǒu mù gòng jiàn anyone with eyes can see it (idiom) / obvious to all / sth speaks for itself / is there for all to see
  gender bias
  adverse opinion
  audit opinion / auditor's opinion
  opinion evidence
  exception opinion
  advisory opinion
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