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 gōng rén worker / CL:個|个[ge4],名[ming2]
 gōng zuò zhě worker
 láo dòng zhě worker / laborer
 zuō worker / workshop / (slang) troublesome / high-maintenance (person)
 gōng work / worker / skill / profession / trade / craft / labor
 bàn láo dòng lì one able to do light manual labor only / semi-able-bodied or part time (farm) worker
 zuò shǒu to put one's hand to sth / to set about / skillful hands / worker / writer
 qín láo zhě worker
 shī fu master / qualified worker / respectful form of address for older men / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4],名[ming2]
 shī fu used for 師傅|师傅 / (in Taiwan) / master / qualified worker
 bái lǐng white-collar / white-collar worker
 ā yí maternal aunt / step-mother / childcare worker / nursemaid / woman of similar age to one's parents (term of address used by child) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 mín gōng migrant worker / temporary worker enlisted on a public project
 zhí yuán office worker / staff member / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
 yán jiū rén yuán research worker / research personnel
 wén yuán office worker / clerk
 yì gōng volunteer worker / volunteer work
 jì gōng skilled worker
 láo mó model worker
 láo lì labor / able-bodied worker / laborer / work force
 láo dòng mó fàn model worker
 dǎ gōng zǎi young worker / employee / young male worker
 lán lǐng blue-collar / blue-collar worker
 jì shù gōng rén skilled worker / journeyman
 nóng fù peasant woman (in former times) / female farm worker
 zhōng diǎn gōng hourly worker / hourly job
 kē jì gōng zuò zhě worker in science and technology
 dǎ gōng mèi young female worker
 jīn lǐng gold collar / high-level senior executive / highly-skilled worker
 xià gǎng gōng rén dislocated worker
 shè gōng social work / social worker
 nóng gōng agricultural worker / abbr. for 農業工人|农业工人 / peasant and worker (in Marxism)
 huán wèi gōng rén sanitation worker
 jiàn zhù gōng rén construction worker / builder
 qīng gōng young worker (esp of the CPC)
 Běi piāo migrant worker living and working in Beijing without a residence permit
 zá gōng unskilled worker
 xiǎo shí gōng hourly worker / hourly job
 chǎn yè gōng rén industrial worker
 zá yì odd jobs / part-time worker
 chuī shì yuán cook / kitchen worker
 duǎn gōng temporary job / odd job / seasonal worker
 shè huì gōng zuò zhě caseworker / social worker
 shì member of the senior ministerial class (old) / scholar (old) / bachelor / honorific / soldier / noncommissioned officer / specialist worker
 fū husband / man / manual worker / conscripted laborer (old)
 hé gōng river conservancy works (dike maintenance, dredging etc) / river conservancy worker
 gōng fēng worker bee
 nán gōng male worker
 bái yī zhàn shì warrior in white / medical worker
 lǎo mǎ shí tú an old horse knows the way (idiom) / an experienced worker knows what to do / an old hand knows the ropes
 nú gōng slave labor / slave worker
 bā jí gōng grade 8 worker (highest on the eight grade wage scale) / top-grade worker
 chǎng gōng factory / factory worker
 huī lǐng gray collar / specialist / technical worker / engineer
 shè gōng rén social worker
 zhī shi gōng chéng shī knowledge worker
 wài jí láo gōng foreign worker
 yōng fù maid / female servant / domestic worker / domestic helper / housekeeper
 tú gōng apprentice / trainee worker
 xìng gōng zuò employment as sex worker / prostitution
 jiù hù rén yuán rescue worker
 tì gōng replacement worker / substitute worker
 yuè gōng worker employed by the month
 yù rén a jade worker / a jade statuette / a beautiful person / (term of endearment)
 bái nú white-collar slave (office worker who is overworked and exploited)
 yán xiū yuán research worker / researcher
 yí mín gōng migrant worker
 yì wù gōng zuò zhě volunteer / voluntary worker
 zhuāng pèi yuán assembly worker
 shì gōng to work for a trial period / worker on probation
 shì shǒu to work for a trial period / worker on probation
 diào gàn to reassign a cadre / to choose a worker to be promoted to cadre
 hù lǎo zhě carer of elderly persons / aged care worker
 mǎo gōng riveter / worker with rivets
 xuàn gōng lathe operator / spinning wheel worker
 xìng gōng zuò zhě sex worker
 kè jí gōng rén guest worker
 zhù gōng foundry work / foundry worker
 wú bào chóu jiā tíng gōng rén unpaid family worker
 yí xǐ gōng rén migrant worker
 shí jì jiā tíng láo lì contributing family worker
 cūn jí gōng zuò rén yuán village-level worker / village worker / village agent
 zhì yuàn gōng zuò rén yuán voluntary worker
 jiù zāi gōng zuò rén yuán relief worker
 yuán zhù rén yuán aid worker
 rén dào zhǔ yì gōng zuò zhě humanitarian worker
  unskilled worker
  domestic worker
 jì piào yuán poll worker / electoral worker
 bàn gōng shì wéi xiū gōng Office Maintenance Worker
 wài lái gōng rén guest worker
  Convention concerning the Maximum Permissible Weight to Be Carried by One Worker
 jì néng gōng rén skilled worker / journeyman
广 nóng yè tuī guǎng rén yuán agricultural extension worker / agricultural extensionist
 zì yíng gōng zuò zhě own-account worker
  primary health worker
  production worker
  village health worker
  health worker
  community health worker
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