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Decomp. 左又丶
Mandarin fā; fà
Entry Methods
Pinyin fa1; fa4
Kanji /
Sijiao 234.0
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+53D1
GB2312 B7A2
Results for 发
 fā to send out / to show (one's feeling) / to issue / to develop / to make a bundle of money / classifier for gunshots (rounds)
 fà hair / Taiwan pr. [fa3]
Results beginning with 发
 fā zhǎn development / growth / to develop / to grow / to expand
 fā biǎo to issue / to publish
 fā bù to release / to issue / to announce / to distribute
 fā xiàn to find / to discover
 fā shēng to happen / to occur / to take place / to break out
 fā tiě to post (an item on a forum)
 fā xíng to publish / to issue (stocks, currency etc) / to release / to distribute (a film)
 fā tiē to stick sth up (on the wall) / to post (on a noticeboard or website)
 fā huī to display / to exhibit / to bring out implicit or innate qualities / to express (a thought or moral) / to develop (an idea) / to elaborate (on a theme)
 fā chū to issue (an order, decree etc) / to send out / to dispatch / to produce (a sound) / to let out (a laugh)
 fā sòng to transmit / to dispatch / to issue (an official document or credential)
 fā yán to make a speech / statement / utterance / CL:個|个[ge4]
 fā dá developed (country etc) / flourishing / to develop
 fā fàng to provide / to give / to grant
 fā dòng to start / to launch / to unleash / to mobilize / to arouse
 fā shè to shoot (a projectile) / to fire (a rocket) / to launch / to emit (a particle) / to discharge / emanation / emission
 fā jué to become aware / to detect / to realize / to perceive
 fā qǐ to originate / to initiate / to launch (an attack, an initiative etc) / to start / to propose sth (for the first time)
 fā piào invoice / receipt or bill for purchase
 fā míng to invent / an invention / CL:個|个[ge4]
 fā gěi to issue / to grant / to distribute
 fā yù to develop / to mature / growth / development / (sexually) mature
 fā huò to dispatch / to send out goods
 fā diàn to generate electricity / to send a telegram
 fā guāng to shine
 fā zuò to flare up / to break out
 fā xiè to give vent to (one's feelings)
 fā shì to vow / to pledge / to swear
 fā shòu to sell
 fā xìn to post a letter
 fā shāo to have a high temperature (from illness) / to have a fever
 fà xíng hairstyle / coiffure / hairdo
 fā dāi to stare blankly / to be stunned / to be lost in thought
 fā jué to excavate / to explore / (fig.) to unearth / to tap into
 fā cái to get rich
 fā bìng onset / outbreak (of a disease)
 fā rè to have a high temperature / feverish / unable to think calmly / to emit heat
 fā yīn to pronounce / pronunciation / to emit sound
 fā yáng to develop / to make full use of
 fā dǒu to tremble / to shake / to shiver
 fā jiào to ferment / fermentation
 fā zì to evolve from
 fā fēng to go mad / to go crazy / to lose one's mind
 fā liàng to shine / shiny
 fā wèn to question / to ask / to raise a question
 fā chóu to worry / to fret / to be anxious / to become sad
 fā huǒ to catch fire / to ignite / to detonate / to get angry
 fà sī hair (on the head)
 fā shēng vocal / sound / sound production / to utter / to give voice
 fā nù to get angry
 fā má to feel numb
 fā bái to turn pale / to lose color / to go white
 fā chē departure (of a coach or train) / to dispatch a vehicle
 fā yá to germinate
 fā kuáng crazy / mad / madly
 fā hóng to turn red / to blush / to flush
 fā yán to become inflamed / inflammation
 fā pào fizzy / sparkling (drink)
 fā qiú to serve the ball / to tee off
 fā sàn to disperse / to diverge
 fā ruǎn to weaken / to go soft (at the knees)
 fā nàn to rise in revolt / to raise difficult questions
 fā xiào to burst out laughing / to laugh
稿 fā gǎo (of a publisher) to send a manuscript off to the printer / (of a journalist) to send a dispatch
 fā pàng to put on weight / to get fat
 fà láng hair salon / hairdresser's shop / CL:家[jia1],間|间[jian1]
 fā kǎ to issue a card / (slang) to reject a guy or a girl / to chuck
 fà qiǎ hair grip / hair clip
 fā tàng burning hot
 fā lèng to daydream / in a daze
 fā máo to rant and rave / to be scared, upset (Beijing dialect)
 fā méi to become moldy
 fā huí to send back / to return
 fā qíng oestrus (sexual receptivity in female mammals)
 fā jiā to lay down a family fortune / to get rich / to become prosperous
 fā biāo to flip out / to act out violently
 fā tiáo spring / coil spring (spiral spring used to power clockwork)
 fà bāo bun hair extension
 fā bāo to put out to contract
 fā lěng to feel a chill (as an emotional response) / to feel cold (as a clinical symptom)
 fā yuán to rise / to originate / source / derivation
 fā chàn to shiver
 fā yǎng to tickle / to itch
 fà jiā hair clip
 fā fú to put on weight / to get fat (a sign of prosperity, so a compliment)
 fā fèn to make an effort / to push for sth / to work hard
 fà jì hair worn in a bun or coil
 fā jì to make one's mark / to go up in the world / to make one's fortune
 fā bīng to dispatch an army / to send troops
 fā huāng to become agitated / to feel nervous
 fā àn occurrence (refers to time and place esp. of a criminal act) / to take place / to occur / to advertise freelance work
 fā luò to deal with (an offender)
 fā pái to deal (cards)
 fā yùn (of goods) to dispatch / shipment / shipping
 fā pèi to send away to serve a penal sentence
 fà shì hairstyle / coiffure / hairdo
 fā duān beginning / origin / to originate / to initiate
 fà dài headband
 fā hūn to faint
 fā zhàng to swell up / swelling
 fā lìng to issue an order
 fā yūn to feel dizzy
 fā yuàn to vow
 fā chun in heat
 fā chūn in heat
 fā sāo horny / lecherous
 fā jiǎng to award a prize
 fā zhēng baffled / nonplussed
 fā hàn to sweat
 fā zān hairpin
 fà jiāo hair gel
 fà biàn braid
 fā fèn to make a determined effort
 fā jí to fret / to get impatient / to become anxious
 fā miàn to leaven dough / to make bread
 fà cài long thread moss (Nostoc flagelliforme), an edible algae / also called faat choy or hair moss
 fā chù to feel terrified / to grow apprehensive
 fà qī first wife
 fā rèn to set (sth) afoot / to initiate / beginning / origin / commencement
 fā xiáng to give rise to (sth good) / to emanate from
 fā xīn to pay wages or salary
 fā bǎng to publish a roll-call of successful candidates
 fà là pomade
 fā fěn baking powder
 fā àn to darken / to become tarnished
 fā bào to send a message
 fā biāo to flip out / to act out violently / also written 發飆|发飚[fa1 biao1]
 fà chāi hair clip
 fā chù variant of 發怵|发怵[fa1 chu4]
 fā cuì to become brittle / to become crisp
 fā gàn cyanosis (blue skin due to lack of oxygen in blood)
 fà gū headband
 fā jī see 發跡|发迹[fa1 ji4]
 fā jiāo to issue and deliver (to people)
 fà jiǎo a length of hair
 fā jiǒng to feel embarrassment / disconcerted / embarrassed
 fà juǎn hair roller / curl (of hair)
 fā kān to publish / to put out (a document)
 fā kē budding
 fā kùn to get sleepy
 fà liǔ tresses / dreadlocks
 fā niān to wilt / to droop / to appear listless
 fā piāo to feel light, as if floating / to feel unstable
 fā qì to get angry
 fā sāng to hold a funeral
 fà shāo hair ends
 fā tòng to ache / to be sore / to feel painful
 fà wǎng hairnet
 fà wěi hair ends
 kāi fā to exploit (a resource) / to open up (for development) / to develop
 pī fā wholesale / bulk trade / distribution
 yán fā research and development / to develop
 tóu fa hair (on the head)
 chū fā to set off / to start (on a journey)
 yǐn fā to lead to / to trigger / to initiate / to cause / to evoke (emotions)
 qún fā to send to multiple recipients / mass mailout / to occur in a clustered fashion
 shā fā sofa (loanword) / CL:條|条[tiao2],張|张[zhang1] / (Internet slang) the first reply or replier to a forum post
 bào fā to break out / to erupt / to explode / to burst out
 jī fā to arouse / to excite
 cháng fà long hair
 sàn fā to distribute / to emit / to issue
 bān fā to issue / to promulgate / to award
 shǒu fā first issue / first public showing
 tū fā to burst out suddenly / sudden outburst
 fù fā to recur (of a disease) / to reappear / to relapse (into a former bad state)
 zhuǎn fā to transmit / to forward (mail, SMS, packets of data) / to pass on / to republish (an article from another publication)
 qǐ fā to enlighten / to explain (a text etc) / to stimulate (a mental attitude) / enlightenment / revelation / motivation
 yìn fā to publish / to print and distribute
 měi fà hairdressing / beautiful hair
 bái fà white or gray hair / CL:根[gen1]
 xià fā to issue (a memorandum etc) to lower levels / to distribute (e.g. disaster relief to victims)
 shōu fā to receive and send / to receive and transmit
 yuè fā increasingly / more and more / ever more / all the more
 dǎ fa to dispatch sb to do sth / to make sb leave / to pass (the time) / (old) to make arrangements / (old) to bestow (alms etc)
 zì fā spontaneous
 zhēng fā to evaporate / evaporation
 xiù fà beautiful hair
 Dà fā Daihatsu, Japanese car company
 jīn fà blond / blonde / fair-haired
 chù fā to trigger / to spark
 yòu fā to induce / to cause / to elicit / to trigger
 qiān fā to issue (a document) / to sign and issue officially
 hēi fà black hair
 máo fà hair
 tuō fà baldness / to lose hair or feathers / to molt / depilation
 fēn fā to distribute / distribution / to assign (sb) to a job
 zài fā to reissue
 huī fā volatile / volatility
 bìng fā to be complicated by / to erupt simultaneously
 àn fā to investigate a crime on the spot / to occur (of a crime) / to be discovered (of a crime)
 shǐ fā (of trains etc) to set off (on a journey) / to start (being issued or circulated) / to start (happening) / originating
 yù fā all the more / increasingly
 xiān fā initial / arising first / same as 首先發起|首先发起
 jiē fā to expose / to bring to light / to disclose / revelation
 bào fā to break out (of disease etc) / to suddenly get rich (or prominent)
 shū fā to express (an emotion) / to give vent
 jìn fā to set out / to start
 huàn fā to shine / to glow / to irradiate / to flash
 lǐ fà a barber / hairdressing
 rǎn fà to dye one's hair / rinse / tint
 juǎn fà to curl hair
 fèn fā to rouse to vigorous action / energetic mood
 méng fā to sprout / to shoot / to bud
 bèng fā to burst forth
 yín fà silver hair / gray hair
 shēng fā to emerge and grow / to develop
 gāo fā (of diseases, accidents) to occur with a high incidence / (old) to score highly in the imperial exams
 pēn fā to erupt / an eruption
 háo fà a hair / the slightest
 zhí fà straight hair
 jiǎ fà wig
 bǔ fā to supply again (sth lost) / to reissue / to pay retroactively
 bó fā to sprout up / to flourish / (of war etc) to break out / rapid growth
 bō fā to broadcast
 tàng fà perm (hairstyle)
 xū fà hair and beard
 yì fā increasingly / more and more / ever more / all the more
 huá fà (literary) gray hair
 pèi fā to issue / to distribute / to publish along with
 jì fā to dispatch / to send out (mail)
 jié fà (in former times) to bind one's hair on coming of age
 chǎn fā to elucidate / to expound / to study and explain
 bìn fà hair on the temples
 shù fà to bind one's hair / headband
 xuē fà to shave one's head / fig. to become a monk or nun / to take the tonsure
 kòu fā to deprive / to withhold / to hold sth back (and prevent it being known)
 jiē fà hair extensions
 Tū fā a branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 / nomadic people
 zhēng fā a punitive expedition / a requisition
 pāi fā to send / to cable (a telegram)
 chōng fā to banish to penal servitude
 chuán fā to order sb to start on a journey
 cù fā abrupt / suddenly
 diǎn fā to fire in bursts / shooting intermittently
 diào fā to requisition / to dispatch
 ěr fa (men) sideburns / (women) lengths of hair that hang down over the temples
 gǎn fā to move and inspire
 gào fā to lodge an accusation / accusation (law)
 jǔ fā to expose (e.g., wrongdoing) / to accuse (in court) / to impeach / to denounce
 qīng fā amobarbital (drug) (Tw)
 xū fā to miss the target (with a bullet or an arrow)
 yán fā delayed action
 zhào fā approved for distribution / to provide (wages etc) as usual (e.g. while an employee is on maternity leave)
 zhěn fà fine black hair
 zhěn fà luxuriant black hair
 zhù fà to cut one's hair (as part of a minority ritual or in order to become a monk)
 kāi fā shāng developer (of real estate, a commercial product etc)
 chū fā diǎn starting point / (fig.) basis / motive
 pī fā jià wholesale price
 bìng fā zhèng complications (undesired side-effect of medical procedure)
 pī fā shāng a wholesale business / distributor
 xǐ fà shuǐ shampoo (liquid)
 lǐ fà shī barber
 lǐ fà diàn barber's shop / hairdresser's / CL:家[jia1]
 chù fā qì flip-flop (electronics)
 bào fā hù newly rich / parvenu / upstart
 bào fā xìng explosive power / explosive
 huī fā xìng volatility
 shā fā chuáng sofa bed / sleeper sofa
 zhēng fā qì evaporator
 hù fà sù hair conditioner
 rǎn fà jì hair dye / rinse / tint
 qǐ fā shì heuristic
 duō fā bìng frequently re-occurring disease
 měi fà shī hairdresser / beautician
 jiǎn tóu fa (to get a) haircut
 xǐ fà lù shampoo
 zhuǎn fā qì transponder
 huī fā yóu volatile oil (in general) / gasoline
 Dà rùn fā RT Mart (supermarket chain)
 shōu fā shì mail room / radio room (i.e. reception and transmission)
 tè fā xìng idiopathic
 bù fā huǒ misfire
 xǐ fà jì shampoo
 juǎn fà qì hair curler
 hù fà rǔ hair conditioner
  Distribution Unit
  tipping point
  pressure-fused mine / pressure mine
线  breakwire
  activated mine
  exploitation rate
  relapse rate
  round of ammunition / round
  Dissemination Division
  Distribution Section
  semi-automatic action
  trigger point
 bèng fā chū to burst forth / to burst out
 hā lǐ fā (loanword) caliph / also written 哈利發|哈利发[ha1 li4 fa1]
 hé fā diàn nuclear power generation
 Hòu fà zuò Coma Berenices (constellation)
 kāi fā qū development zone
 lǐ fà tīng (Taiwan) barber's shop / hairdresser's / CL:家[jia1]
 lǐ fà yuán barber
 lǐ fà yuàn barber's shop / hair parlor
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