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Decomp. 广ツ一
Mandarin yīng; yìng
Entry Methods
Pinyin ying1; ying4
Kanji /
Sijiao 2.1
Wubi YID
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5E94
GB2312 D3A6
Results for 应
 yīng to agree (to do sth) / should / ought to / must / (legal) shall
 yìng to answer / to respond / to comply with / to deal or cope with
Results beginning with 应
 yīng gāi ought to / should / must
 yìng yòng to put to use / to apply / practical / applied (science, linguistics etc) / application / practical use / (computing) app
 yīng dāng should / ought to
 yìng duì response / to answer / to reply
 yìng fu to deal with / to cope
 yīng yǒu proper
 yìng jí to respond to an emergency / to meet a contingency / (attributive) emergency
 yìng pìn to accept a job offer / to apply for an advertised position
 yīng jiè this year's / the current year's
 yìng shì to take an exam
 yìng biàn to meet a contingency / to adapt oneself to changes
 yīng shōu (of a sum of money etc) receivable
 yìng yāo at sb's invitation / on invitation
 yìng shēng an answering voice / to answer a voice / to respond / to copy a voice / to parrot
 yìng chou social niceties / social interaction / a dinner party
 yìng dá to reply
 yìng cóng to assent / to comply with
 yìng zhēng to apply (for a job) / to reply to a job advertisement
 yìng lì stress (physics)
 yìng zhàn to take up a challenge / to face an attack and meet it
 yīng dé to deserve
 yìng yǔn to give one's assent / to consent
 yìng kǎo to take an exam
 yìng yàn to come true / to come about as predicted / to be fulfilled
 yìng jī stress / abbr. for 應激反應|应激反应[ying4 ji1 fan3 ying4]
 yīng xǔ to promise / to allow
 yìng jǐng according with the times / seasonal
 yìng shí timely / occasional
 yìng nuò to promise / to agree to do sth
 yìng dí to face the enemy / to meet an attack
 yìng zhào to respond to a call
 yìng yùn to conform with destiny / as the occasion demands
 yìng zhěn to see patients (of doctor) / to hold a surgery
 yìng bào see 報應|报应[bao4 ying4]
 Yīng chéng Yingcheng district of Xiaogan city 孝感市[Xiao4 gan3 shi4], Hubei
 yìng chéng to agree (to do sth) / to promise
 yìng diǎn to act on one's word
 yīng fèn should be divided / part of the job / one's duty under the circumstances
 yìng hè to echo one another / to respond (in agreement)
 yīng jì accrual (accounting)
 yìng jiē to attend to / to deal with
 yìng jǔ to sit for imperial examinations
 yìng mǎo to answer the roll call at 卯時|卯时[mao3 shi2], i.e. between 5 and 7 am / fig. to put in a conventional appearance
 yìng mén to answer the door
 yīng míng nominally / in name only
 yìng shì to respond to the market / to buy or sell according to market conditions
 yìng shǒu to handle / convenient
 Yīng xiàn Ying county in Shuozhou 朔州[Shuo4 zhou1], Shanxi
 yìng yuán (originally) to provide assistance / (more recently) to show one's support (for a singing idol etc)
 yìng zhào to respond to an imperial decree
 yìng zhēng apply (for a job) / respond to an employment notice
 yìng zhì to write a poem on the order of the Emperor
 yīng gāi shuō it should be mentioned that ...
 yìng pìn zhě person taking a job / job applicant / CL:位[wei4]
 yìng yòng wén applied writing / writing for practical purposes (business letters, advertising etc)
 yìng yòng céng application layer (computing)
 yīng shēng chóng yes-man / opinionless person
  Emergency Response Unit
  Emergency Response Unit
  stress area
  Emergency Response Division
  accrual basis
  Ministry of Emergency Situations / EMERCOM
  Emergency Response Service
 yìng biàn lì adaptability / resourcefulness
 Yīng Cǎi ér Cherrie Ying Choi-Yi (1983-), actress
 Yīng chéng qū Yingcheng district of Xiaogan city 孝感市[Xiao4 gan3 shi4], Hubei
 Yīng chéng shì Yingcheng county level city in Xiaogan 孝感[Xiao4 gan3], Hubei
 yīng gāi de you're most welcome / sure thing! / I did what I was supposed to do
 yìng jǐng r according with the times / seasonal
 yīng jī xìng irritable / sensitive / excitable
 yìng jī xìng irritable / sensitive / excitable
 yìng jī yuán stressor
 yìng lì chǎng stress field
 yīng míng r erhua variant of 應名|应名[ying1 ming2]
 yìng zhào zhàn call girl center
 yìng yòng chéng xù application
 yìng yòng ruǎn jiàn application software
 yīng yǒu jìn yǒu everything that should be here is here (idiom) / all one can think of is on hand / to have all one needs
 yìng jí yù àn response plan
 yìng yùn ér shēng to emerge to meet a historic destiny (idiom) / to arise at an opportune time / able to take advantage of an opportunity / to rise to the occasion
  accounts receivable
 yīng shōu zhàng kuǎn accounts receivable
 yīng shōu zhàng kuǎn accounts receivable
 yìng yòng shù xué applied mathematics
 yìng jiē bù xiá more than one can attend to (idiom) / deluged (with inquiries etc) / overwhelmed (by the beauty of the scenery)
 yìng duì rú liú to respond fluently / to answer smartly
 yìng fu yù rú handling any occasion smoothly (idiom) / equal to any situation
 yìng fu zì rú to handle matters with ease (idiom) / to hold one's own
 yìng jī lì duàn to act on an opportunity (idiom) / to take prompt advantage of a situation
 yìng tiān chéng yùn lit. to respond to heaven and suit the times (idiom) / to rule according to the will of heaven / the Divine Right of kings
 yìng yòng kē xué applied science
  emergency preparedness
  emergency action
  accounts payable
  emergency stockpiles
  contingency appropriation / contingency authorization
  benefit entitlement
  outstanding contribution
  contingency package
  contingency force
  contributions receivable
  Occasional Papers
  emergency response fund
  accrued liability / accrued expense
  emergency response drill
  outstanding contribution
  duty of care / due care
  contingency plan
  Emergency Response Team
  coping capacity
  interest payable
  emergency power capacity
 yìng biàn néng lì surge capability / surge capacity
 yīng fù zhàng kuǎn accounts payable
 yīng fù zhàng kuǎn accounts payable
 yìng jí chū kǒu emergency exit
 yìng jí cuò shī emergency measure
 yīng jí dài mìng emergency standby
 yìng jí dài mìng emergency standby / to be on standby
 yìng jī fǎn yìng (physiological etc) stress
 yīng jì jī chǔ accruals basis (accounting)
 yìng jí jì huà emergency plan
 yìng jì lì xí accrued interest
 yìng jí xì tǒng emergency system
 yīng jí zhào shè emergency exposure
 yìng jí zhào shè emergency exposure (nuclear energy)
 yīng jí zhuàng tài emergency state
 Yīng rén zhī luàn Ōnin war 1467-1477 between factions of Ashikaga shogunate
 yìng shì jiào yù exam-oriented education / teaching to the test
 yìng tiān shùn shí lit. to respond to heaven and suit the times (idiom) / to rule according to the will of heaven / the Divine Right of kings
 yìng xiàn mù tǎ the Yingxian wooden pagoda or Sakyamuni Pagoda near Datong in Shanxi province
 Yīng xǔ zhī Dì Promised Land
 yìng yòng chéng shì application / (computer) program
 yìng yòng píng tái application platform (computing)
 yìng yòng ruǎn tǐ application software
 yìng yòng wù lǐ applied physics
 yīng yòng yán jiù applied research
 yìng zhào nu:3 láng call girl
 yīng jiè bì yè shēng student graduating in the current year / recent graduate
  Applications Explorer Mission
  contingency authority
  inspection on request
  accrual basis accounting / accrual accounting
  emergency survival kit
  Emergency Preparedness Web
Approximate Results for 应
 gōng yìng to supply / to provide / to offer
 fǎn yìng to react / to respond / reaction / response / reply / chemical reaction / CL:個|个[ge4]
 xiāng yìng to correspond / answering (one another) / to agree (among the part) / corresponding / relevant / appropriate / (modify) accordingly
 shì yìng to adapt / to fit / to suit
 dā ying to answer / to respond / to answer positively / to agree / to accept / to promise
 huí yìng to respond / response
 xiào yìng effect (scientific phenomenon)
 duì yìng to correspond / a correspondence / corresponding / homologous / matching with sth / counterpart
 xiǎng yìng to respond to / answer / CL:個|个[ge4]
 gǎn yìng response / reaction / interaction / irritability (biol.) / induction (elec.) / inductance
 shùn yìng to comply / to conform to / in tune with / adapting to / to adjust to
 běn yīng should have / ought to have
 hū yìng to conform (with) / to echo / to correlate well / (linguistics) agreement
 lǐ yīng should / ought to
 jiē yìng to provide support / to come to the rescue
 bào yìng retribution / judgment
 yīn yìng to respond accordingly to / to adapt to / to cope with
 zhào ying to look after / to take care of / to attend to
 zhào yìng to correlate with / to correspond to
 yī yīng all / every
 shì yìng abbr. for 侍應生|侍应生[shi4 ying4 sheng1]
 cè yìng in coordination with / to support
 zhī yìng to deal with / to wait on / to provide for
 Bǎo yīng Baoying county in Yangzhou 揚州|扬州[Yang2 zhou1], Jiangsu
 Bì yìng Bing (search engine)
 chéng yìng to agree / to promise
 chóu yìng social interaction
 gāi yīng should
 kòu yìng call-in (loanword)
 kòu yìng to call in (to a broadcast program) (loanword) (Tw)
 màn yìng to reply casually
 míng yīng Meio
Munroe 效  Munroe effect
 gōng yìng shāng supplier
 gōng yīng liàn supply chain
 shì yìng xìng adaptability / flexibility
 zì shì yìng adaptive
 gǎn yìng qì inductor (elec.)
 yù yìng lì prestressed
 fǎn yìng duī reactor
 fǎn yìng qì reactor
  supply point
 fù fǎn yìng side reaction
 gōng yìng zhě supplier
 Hé Yìng qīn He Yingqin (1890-1987), senior Guomindang general
 fǎn yìng guō reaction pot (chemical engineering) / cauldron (at Hogwarts 霍格沃茨)
 Wéi Yìng wù Wei Yinwu (737-792), Tang dynasty poet
 hé fǎn yìng nuclear reaction
 fǎn yìng shì equation of a chemical reaction
  heat stress
  Supply Section
  induction furnace
  nuclear reactivity / reactivity
  adaptation levy
  side reaction
  wind stress
  influence-fused mine / influence mine
 àn shì yìng dark adaptation
 Bǎo yīng xiàn Baoying county in Yangzhou 揚州|扬州[Yang2 zhou1], Jiangsu
 bì xiào yìng wall effect
 bù yìng qī refractory period (physiology)
 cí gǎn yìng magnetic induction
 fǎn yìng lú (nuclear etc) reactor
 fǎn yīng shí response time
 fǎn yìng shí response time
 gōng yìng pǐn supplies
 gōng yìng shì supply room
 guāng gǎn yìng optical response / reaction to light / light sensitive / photoinduction
 jiǎn yìng lì shear stress
 mǎng yīng lóng Bayinnaung
 nì fǎn yìng reverse reaction / counterreaction / inverse response
 shì yìng shēng waiter / waitress
 yǎng xiào yìng oxygen effect
 Yú Yìng lóng Yu Yinglong, Yuan dynasty scholar, collaborated on the geographical encyclopedia Dayuan Dayi Tongzhi 大元大一統誌|大元大一统志
Janzen-Connell效  Janzen-Connell Effect
 gōng bù yìng qiú supply does not meet demand
 dé xīn yìng shǒu lit. what the heart wishes, the hand accomplishes (idiom) skilled at the job / entirely in one's element / going smoothly and easily
 bù liáng fǎn yìng adverse reaction
 shí jì yìng yòng practical application
 yī yīng jù quán with everything needed available
 xiǎng yìng shí jiān response time
  adaptive capacity
 huà xué fǎn yìng chemical reaction
  clinical translation
 suí jī yìng biàn to change according to the situation (idiom) / pragmatic
 lián suǒ fǎn yìng chain reaction
 yǒu qiú bì yìng to grant whatever is asked for / to accede to every plea
 diàn cí gǎn yìng electromagnetic induction
 hé fǎn yìng duī nuclear reactor
 wēn shì xiào yìng greenhouse effect
 wù zī gōng yìng supply of material
 lǐ yìng wài hé to coordinate outside and inside offensives (idiom) / (fig.) to act together
 yī hū bǎi yìng a hundred answers to a single call (idiom) / to respond en masse
  money supply
 bào yìng bù shuǎng appropriate retribution (idiom)
 fú gǔ xiāng yìng lit. the hammer fits the drum (idiom) / appropriate relation between the different parts / closely interrelated
 jiù yǒu yīng dé to deserve what one gets (punishment, mishap etc) (idiom)
 kǒu bù yìng xīn to say one thing but mean another / to dissimulate
 yīn guǒ bào yìng (Buddhism) retribution / karma
 zuì yǒu yīng dé guilty and deserves to be punished (idiom) / entirely appropriate chastisement / the punishment fits the crime
  endothermic reaction
  climate applications
  labour supply
  matching response
  response signal
线  half-effect line
  carry-over effect
  adverse effect / unwanted effect
  climate response
  equilibrium response
  adaptation assessment
  wealth effect
  adaptation plan
  Supply Manual
  counterpart resources
  environmental stress
  Vendors Unit
  response strategy
  chief supply officer
  internal matching
  blood supply
  step reaction
  delayed effect
  autonomous adaptation / spontaneous adaptation
  autonomous adaptation / spontaneous adaptation
  convoy problem
  response mechanism
  response mechanism
  additive effect
  supply contract
  reaction path
  water stress
  wounding effect
  Adaptation Fund
  biochemical response
  supply officer
  spallation reaction
  edge effect
  edge effect
  drinking water supply
  bubble effect / bubble noise / bubble pulse
  radiation effects
  deliberate response
  grasshopper effect
  matrix effects
  matrix effects
  disaster response
  Response International
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