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 shū miàn in writing / written
 chéng wén written / statutory
 wén zì character / script / writing / written language / writing style / phraseology / CL:個|个[ge4]
 xiě zuò to write / to compose / writing / written works
 jì zǎi to write down / to record / written account
 zì shù number of written characters / number of words / word count
 huì zǒng summary / to summarize / to collect (data, receipts etc) / to gather and report / also written 匯總|汇总
 mó cā friction / rubbing / chafing / fig. disharmony / conflict / also written 磨擦
 jiǔ jīng alcohol / ethanol CH3CH2OH / ethyl alcohol / also written 乙醇 / grain alcohol
 cí diǎn dictionary (of Chinese compound words) / also written 辭典|辞典[ci2 dian3] / CL:部[bu4],本[ben3]
 Rì yuán Japanese yen (unit of currency) / also written 日圓|日圆
 zì yàng model or template character / written slogan or phrase / mention (e.g. "air mail" 航空 / on a letter, "first draft" 初稿 / on a document etc)
 zhān tiē to stick / to affix / to adhere / to paste (as in "copy and paste") / Taiwan pr. [nian2 tie1] / also written 黏貼|黏贴[nian2 tie1]
 yǐ zhì down to / up to / to such an extent as to ... / also written 以至於|以至于[yi3 zhi4 yu2]
 qīng cuì sharp and clear / crisp / melodious / ringing / tinkling / silvery (of sound) / fragile / frail / also written 輕脆|轻脆
 bǐ shì written examination / paper test (for an applicant)
 Dí sī ní Disney (company name, surname) / also written 迪士尼[Di2 shi4 ni2]
 xiū shì to decorate / to adorn / to dress up / to polish (a written piece) / to qualify or modify (grammar)
 biāo yǔ written slogan / placard / CL:幅[fu2],張|张[zhang1],條|条[tiao2]
 zuò luò to be situated / located at (of building) / also written 坐落[zuo4 luo4]
 yuán fèn also written 緣分|缘分 / fate or chance that brings people together / predestined affinity or relationship / (Budd.) destiny
 huí xìn to reply / to write back / letter written in reply / CL:封[feng1]
 cí diǎn dictionary (of Chinese compound words) / also written 詞典|词典[ci2 dian3] / CL:本[ben3],部[bu4]
 duì lián rhyming couplet / pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway / CL:副[fu4],幅[fu2]
 bào fèi to scrap / to be written off
 jī dàng to rage / to dash / to surge / also written 激盪|激荡
 jiāo yàn tender and beautiful / also written 嬌艷|娇艳
 zì shù to recount in one's own words / autobiography / written self-introduction
 pī shì to write comments on a report submitted by a subordinate / written comments from a superior
 fú shi to attend to / to care for (patients etc) / to look after / to wait upon / to serve / also written 伏侍, see also 服事[fu2 shi4]
 Hán wén hangul, Korean phonetic alphabet / Korean written language
 dù juān cuckoo (Cercococcyx spp., also written 杜鵑鳥|杜鹃鸟) / Indian azalea (Rhododendron simsii Planch, also written 杜鵑花|杜鹃花)
 bào gào shū written report
 jié zhàng to pay the bill / to settle accounts / also written 結賬|结账
 rén xiōng (honorific written address) My dear friend
 pào hōng to bombard / to bomb / trad. also written 炮轟
 chàng yì shū written proposal / document outlining an initiative
 Dà hé Yamato (possibly 3rd century AD), Japanese state before written records began in 7th century AD, its real dating is controversial
 piāo fú to float / to hover / also written 漂浮
 dìng zhì custom-made / made-to-order / to have something custom made / also written 定製|定制
 jì liǎng trick / scheme / ploy / tactic / stratagem / gimmick / ruse / trickery / skill / also written 技倆|技俩
 wéi kǒng for fear that / lest / also written 惟恐
 jú zi tangerine / also written 橘子 / CL:個|个[ge4],瓣[ban4]
 yì jì geisha (Japanese female entertainer) / also written 藝妓|艺妓[yi4 ji4]
 qǐ háng (of a ship) to set sail / (of an aeroplane) to take off / also written 起航[qi3 hang2]
 jì yào minutes / written summary of a meeting
 xíng wén writing style (formal) / to send an official written communication
 wéi kǒng for fear that / lest / also written 唯恐
 léi shè laser (loanword used in Taiwan) / also written 鐳射|镭射
 cuò bié zì incorrectly written or mispronounced characters
 jiè kǒu to use as an excuse / on the pretext / excuse / pretext / also written 借口[jie4 kou3]
 jiǔ wō dimple / also written 酒渦|酒涡[jiu3 wo1]
 qǐng jiǎn invitation card / written invitation
 hē chì to berate / to excoriate / to chide / also written 喝斥[he1 chi4]
 kā chā (onom.) breaking or snapping / (coll.) cut it out / stop it / also written 喀嚓[ka1 cha1]
 pī wén official written ruling in response to a submission / official approval in writing
 bào qǐng to report, requesting approval / written request for instructions
 Xīn wén Zhōu kān Newsweek magazine / also written 新聞周刊|新闻周刊
 jié zhàng to pay the bill / to settle accounts / also written 結帳|结帐
 yín hú silver or black fox (Vulpes alopex argentatus) / also written 玄狐
 qǐ háng (of a ship) to set sail / (of an aeroplane) to take off / also written 啟航|启航[qi3 hang2]
 dān shù positive odd number (also written 奇數|奇数) / singular (grammar)
 shǒu bǐ sth written or painted in one's own hand / (of a writer, calligrapher or painter) skill / style / hand / (fig.) style shown in spending money, handling business etc / scale
 Dà yùn Mandate of Heaven / the Grand Canal, 1800 km from Beijing to Hangzhou, built starting from 486 BC / usually written 大運河|大运河[Da4 Yun4 he2]
 bào jià dān quotation / price list / written estimate of price
 kòu tóu to kowtow (traditional greeting, esp. to a superior, involving kneeling and pressing one's forehead to the ground) / also written 磕頭|磕头[ke1 tou2]
 zhào shū edict / written imperial order
 yì jì geisha (Japanese female entertainer) / also written 藝伎|艺伎[yi4 ji4]
 hēi bǎn bào blackboard bulletin with short news items written on it (can usually be found in factories, schools etc)
 qīng guó qīng chéng lit. capable of causing the downfall of a city or state (idiom) / fig. (of a woman) devastatingly beautiful / also written 傾城傾國|倾城倾国[qing1 cheng2 qing1 guo2]
 Hóng wǔ Hongwu Emperor, also written Hung-wu Ti, reign name of first Ming emperor Zhu Yuanzhang 朱元璋[Zhu1 Yuan2 zhang1] (1328-1398), reigned 1386-1398, Temple name 明太祖[Ming2 Tai4 zu3]
 Dí sī ní lè yuán Disneyland / also written 迪士尼樂園|迪士尼乐园[Di2 shi4 ni2 Le4 yuan2]
 Tuò bá branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 / nomadic people, founders of Wei 北魏 / of the Northern Dynasties (386-534) / also written 拓跋
 Tuò bá branch of the Xianbei 鮮卑|鲜卑 / nomadic people, founders of Wei 北魏 / of the Northern Dynasties (386-534) / also written 拓拔
 chā yāo to put one's hands on one's hips / also written 插腰[cha1 yao1]
 lā lā duì cheerleading squad / also written 啦啦隊|啦啦队
 jī guān qiāng also written 機槍|机枪 / machine gun
 fén huǐ to burn down / to destroy with fire / trad. also written 焚毀
 shēn fèn zhèng identity card / also written 身份證|身份证[shen1 fen4 zheng4]
 Hàn wén Chinese written language / Chinese literature esp. as taught abroad
 dēng mí riddles written on lanterns (e.g. for the Lantern Festival at the end of Chinese New Year)
 yín yuán flat silver (former coinage) / also written 銀圓|银圆 / silver dollar
 dǎ bào bù píng to come to the aid of sb suffering an injustice / to fight for justice / also written 抱打不平[bao4 da3 bu4 ping2]
 bǐ yì written translation
 píng jiè to rely on / to depend on / by means of / thanks to / sth that one relies on / also written 憑借|凭借[ping2 jie4]
 bù xiàng huà unreasonable / shocking / outrageous / also written 不像話|不像话
 pī jiàn approved document / document with written instructions
 Zī zhì Tōng jiàn A Mirror for the Wise Ruler (or Comprehensive Mirror for Aid in Government), a vast chronological general history, written by 司馬光|司马光[Si1 ma3 Guang1] Sima Guang (1019-1089) and collaborators during the Northern Song in 1084, covering the period 403 BC-959 AD, 294 scrolls
 zhàn shū written war challenge
 qiú gān club (golf) / cue (billiards) / also written 球桿|球杆[qiu2 gan1]
 yáng wěi impotence / also written 陽痿|阳痿[yang2 wei3]
 jì xù wén narrative writing / written narration
 xiào zhú yán kāi smile spread across the face (idiom) / beaming with pleasure / all smiles / joy written across one's face
 rù mù sān fēn written in a forceful hand / penetrating / profound
 suǒ nà suona, Chinese shawm (oboe), used in festivals and processions or for military purposes / also written 鎖吶|锁呐 / also called 喇叭[la3 ba5]
 shū xiě to express (emotions in prose) / a written description (of emotions)
 yā yùn to rhyme / sometimes written 壓韻|压韵
 jiàng hu paste / also written 漿糊|浆糊[jiang4 hu5] / Taiwan pr. [jiang4 hu2]
 Zàng wén Tibetan script / Tibetan written language / Tibetan language
 kòu shǒu to kowtow / also written 磕頭|磕头[ke1 tou2]
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