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 xǔ duō many / a lot of / much
 duō many / much / often / a lot of / numerous / more / in excess / how (to what extent) / multi- / Taiwan pr. [duo2] when it means "how"
 yuǎn far / distant / remote / (intensifier in a comparison) by far / much (lower etc)
 duō duō many / much / a lot / lots and lots / more / even more
 liáng duō considerably / much / quite a bit
 bèi r very / much (Beijing dialect)
 fēi cháng duō much / very many
 nà me like that / in that way / or so / so / so very much / about / in that case
 fēi cháng very / very much / unusual / extraordinary
 zhè me so much / this much / how much? / this way / like this
 hěn duō very many / very much / great (quantity)
 shèn zhì even / so much so that
 duō shao how much? / how many? / (phone number, student ID etc) what number?
 tài duō too much
 hǎo duō many / quite a lot / much better
 jìn liàng as much as possible / to the greatest extent
 jǐn liàng as much as possible / to the greatest extent
 zhè me duō so many / so much
 nà me duō so much / so very much
 ruò gān a certain number or amount / how many? / how much?
 zú yǐ sufficient to... / so much so that / so that
 guò yú too much / excessively
便 shùn biàn conveniently / in passing / without much extra effort
 duō dà how big / how much / how old etc
 hěn xiǎng to miss sb / to very much want to
 wàn fēn very much / extremely / one ten thousandth part
 duō shao qián how much money / how much?
 jìn qíng as much as one likes
 dà yǒu there is much / (literary) abundance
 jǐ hé geometry / (literary) how much
 duō dá up to / no less than / as much as
 zú zú fully / no less than / as much as / extremely
 pō jù rather / quite / to have much
 liǎng bèi twice as much / double the amount
 lǎo dì (affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself) my boy / old pal
 bù zěn me yàng not up to much / very indifferent / nothing great about it / nothing good to be said about it
 jǐ duō (dialect) how much / how many / how (smart etc) / such ...
 shèn zhì yú so much (that) / even (to the extent that)
 lǐng jiào much obliged / thank you / to ask advice / (ironically or humorously) to experience / to taste
 ài bù shì shǒu to love sth too much to part with it (idiom) / to fondle admiringly
 jiǔ liàng capacity for liquor / how much one can drink
 yī chéng bù biàn nothing much changes (idiom) / always the same / stuck in a rut
 sēng duō zhōu shǎo lit. many monks and not much gruel (idiom) / fig. not enough to go around / demand exceeds supply
 dà big / huge / large / major / great / wide / deep / older (than) / oldest / eldest / greatly / very much / (dialect) father / father's elder or younger brother
 wěi shí indeed / really (very much so)
 fáng bù shèng fáng you can't guard against it (idiom) / impossible to defend effectively / not much one can do about it / It can't be prevented.
 shèn huò so much so that / to the extent that / even
 cān bàn half / half and half / both ... and ... / just as much ... as ... / equally
 mù bù xiá jiē lit. too much for the eye to take in (idiom) / a feast for the eyes
 bào shí to eat too much / to binge
 bù dié cannot cope / find it too much / incessantly
 shà yǒu jiè shì to make a show of being very much in earnest (idiom) / to act as if one is taking things very seriously
广 Lǐ Guǎng Li Guang (-119 BC), Han dynasty general, nicknamed Flying General 飛將軍|飞将军 / and much feared by the Xiongnu 匈奴
 dà yǒu zuò wéi to accomplish much / to have good prospects / to have a promising future
 ài mò néng zhù unable to help however much one would like to (idiom) / Although we sympathize, there is no way to help you. / My hands are tied.
 zì mìng bù fán to think too much of oneself / self-important / arrogant
 shèn ér even / so much so that
 bàn jīn bā liǎng not much to choose between the two / tweedledum and tweedledee
 jǐ how much / how many / several / a few
 xiǎo guò little mistake / minor offense / slightly too much
 chī de kāi to be popular / to be getting on well / much in demand
 guò yù to praise too much / I really don't deserve so much praise
 kǔ xīn gū yì to make painstaking efforts (idiom) / after much trouble / to work hard at sth
 ěr páng fēng lit. wind past your ear / fig. sth you don't pay much attention to / in one ear and out the other
 chà bù lí not much different / similar / ordinary / nearly
 liáng good / very / very much
 suǒ shèng wú jǐ there is not much left
 qīng qīng wǒ wǒ to bill and coo (idiom) / to whisper sweet nothings to one another / to be very much in love
 ěr biān fēng lit. wind past your ear / fig. sth you don't pay much attention to / in one ear and out the other
 hài rén bù qiǎn to cause a lot of trouble / to inflict much suffering
 bǎi sī bù jiě to remain puzzled after pondering over sth a hundred times (idiom) / to remain perplexed despite much thought
 bīng bù yàn zhà there can never be too much deception in war / in war nothing is too deceitful / all's fair in war
 kàng lì qíng shēn married couple very much in love / deep conjugal love
 duō chóu duō bìng much sorrows and illness (idiom) / melancholy and weakly
 duō qián shàn gǔ much capital, good business (idiom) / fig. good trading conditions
 duō nàn xīng bāng much hardships may awaken a nation (idiom) / calamity that prompts renewal
 shī dào guǎ zhù an unjust cause finds little support (idiom, from Mencius) / cf 得道多助[de2 dao4 duo1 zhu4] a just cause attracts much support
 ài bù rěn shì to love sth too much to part with it (idiom)
 shū bù jìn yán I have much more to say than can be written in this letter (conventional letter ending) (idiom)
 jiāng shān yì gǎi běn xìng nán yí rivers and mountains are easy to change, man's character much harder
 jiāng shān yì gǎi bǐng xìng nán yí rivers and mountains are easy to change, man's character much harder
 ài nán cóng mìng difficult to obey orders (idiom) / much to my embarrassment, I am unable to comply
 ài cái rú mìng lit. to love money as much as one's own life (idiom) / fig. avaricious / tightfisted
 guà yī lòu wàn to mention some but omit many others (idiom) / to leave out much more than one includes
 dú mù bù chéng lín a lone tree does not make a forest (idiom) / one cannot accomplish much on one's own
 yán duō bì shī if you say too much, you're bound to slip up at some point (idiom)
 jiāo lu:4 bù ān worried too much
 dà chī dà hē to eat and drink as much as one likes / to make a pig of oneself
 rèn qíng to let oneself go / to do as much as one pleases
 bì xiào to resemble closely / to be the very image of / to look very much like / to be the spitting image of
 yù to eat too much / to confer
 bù fēn gāo xià equally matched / not much to distinguish who is stronger
 shèn qiě even / going as far as to / so much so that
 kǒu gān shé zào lit. dry mouth and tongue (idiom) / to talk too much
 duō zhù receiving much help (from outside) / well supported
 jī xī not much / very little (e.g. difference)
 dé dào duō zhù , shī dào guǎ zhù A just cause attracts much support, an unjust one finds little (idiom, from Mencius)
 dé bó néng xiǎn little virtue and meager abilities (idiom) / I'm a humble person and not much use at anything (Song writer Ouyang Xiu 欧阳修)
 rèn bān (old) this way / this much
 kuì bù gǎn dāng lit. I'm ashamed and dare not (accept the honor) / fig. I do not deserve your praise. / You flatter me too much.
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