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Strokes 5
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Decomp. 亠乂凵禸
Mandarin lí; chī
Entry Methods
Pinyin li2; chi1
Kanji /
Sijiao 22.7
CNS 11643 2-3766
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+79BB
GB2312 C0EB
Level 2
Results for 离
 lí to leave / to part from / to be away from / (in giving distances) from / without (sth) / independent of / one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦[ba1 gua4], symbolizing fire /
 chī mythical beast (archaic)
Results beginning with 离
线 lí xiàn offline (computing)
 lí kāi to depart / to leave
 lí qù to leave / to exit
 lí hūn to divorce / divorced from (one's spouse)
 lí bié to leave (on a long journey) / to part from sb
 lí zǐ ion
 lí qí odd / bizarre
 lí zhí to retire / to leave office / to quit a job
 lí pǔ excessive / beyond reasonable limits / irregular
 lí yì to divorce
 lí xīn to be at odds with / centrifugal (force)
 lí sàn (of family members) separated from one another / scattered about / dispersed / (math.) discrete
 lí hé clutch (in car gearbox) / separation and reunion
 lí àn offshore
 lí xiū to retire / to leave work and rest (euphemism for compulsory retirement of old cadres)
 lí rèn to leave office / to leave one's post
 lí duì to leave one's post
 lí chóu parting sorrow / pain of separation
 lí shì to pass away / death
 lí dǎo outlying islands
 lí jiàn to drive a wedge between (allies, partners etc)
 lí qì to abandon
 Lí Sāo Sorrow at Parting, poem by Qu Yuan 屈原 / in Songs of Chu 楚辭|楚辞
 lí tí to digress / to stray from the subject
 lí gōng detached palace / imperial villa
 lí gǎng to leave harbor / departure (at airport)
 lí gē (sad) farewell song
 lí dú to be divorced
 lí èr to defect / to be disloyal
 lí rǔ to be weaned / weaning
 Lí shí Lishi district of Lüliang city 呂梁市|吕梁市[Lu:3 liang2 shi4], Shanxi 山西
 lí suǒ (literary) desolate and lonely
 lí bu kāi inseparable / inevitably linked to
 lí hé qì clutch (mechanics)
 lí xīn jī centrifuge
 lí xīn bèng centrifugal pump
 lí xīn lì centrifugal force
 lí àn jià free on board (FOB) (transportation)
  ion source
  point of exit / port of exit
 lí àn fēng on-shore wind
 lí céng suān abscisic
 Lí dǎo Qū Islands District of the New Territories, Hong Kong
 lí hé bǎn clutch pedal
 lí hé cí separable word (in Chinese grammar)
 lí sàn xìng discreteness
 Lí shí qū Lishi district of Lüliang city 呂梁市|吕梁市[Lu:3 liang2 shi4], Shanxi 山西
 lí zǐ jiàn ionic bond (chemistry)
 lí jiā chū zǒu to leave home (to live somewhere else)
 lí jīng pàn dào to rebel against orthodoxy / to depart from established practices
 lí sàn shù xué discrete mathematics
 lí qíng bié xù sad feeling at separation (idiom)
 lí xiāng bèi jǐng to leave one's homeplace (to find work, flee disaster etc)
  ion monitoring
  ion intensity
  centrifuge housing / centrifuge recipient / outer casing
  discrete sampling
  ion balance
  centrifuge stage / centrifuge train
  ion implantation
 lí àn chéng bāo offshoring
 lí àn nèi bāo offshore insourcing
 lí àn wài bāo offshore outsourcing
 lí gǎng dà tīng departure lounge
 lí jiā bié jǐng to leave home / to abandon one's family
 lí kāi běi jīng to leave Beijing / to depart from Beijing
 lí kāi gù xiāng to leave one's homeland
 lí kāi rén shì to die / to leave this world
 lí kǔ dé lè to abandon suffering and obtain happiness (Buddhism)
 lí lí guāng guāng lackluster (look)
 lí qí yǒu qù quaint
 lí qù jī tuán leaving group
 lí zhí cháng jīn separation payment
 lí zhí fú lì separation benefits
 lí zhí tiáo jiàn separation package
 lí zǐ biàn sè ionochromism
 lí zǐ jiāo huàn ion exchange
  ion exchange column
  ion collector / collector / collection system / collector pocket / separator pocket
  ion detector
  ionic compound
  ion-cyclotron waves
  plasma coating machine
 lí xīn fēn lí jī centrifuge
 lí xīn jī jí lián centrifuge cascade
  ion exchange resin / ion exchanger / adsorbent
线  ion excitation coil
  ion cyclotron resonance
  ion-cyclotron-harmonic waves
  discrete high-sea stock / discrete fish stock
  accreting plate boundary / divergent plate boundary / divergent boundary
  ion exchange extraction
  ion-selective electrodes
  runaway child
 lí xīn jī shōu jí qì centrifuge housing / centrifuge recipient / outer casing
 lí zhí huí guó jīn tiē repatriation allowance
 lí zhí huí guó yùn fèi repatriation shipment
  ion exchange chromatography
  centrifugal balancing machine / balancing machine
 lí zhí hòu jiàn kāng bǎo xiǎn After-Service Health Insurance
  ion exchange reflux system
  ion mobility spectrometry
  ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometer
  after-service health liabilities
  off-shore sewage outfall
  reserve for after service health insurance
 jù lí distance / CL:個|个[ge4] / to be apart from
 fēn lí to separate
 tuō lí to separate oneself from / to break away from / diastasis (medicine) / abscission / abjunction (botany)
 yuǎn lí to be far from / to keep away from
 gé lí to separate / to isolate
 táo lí to run out / to escape
 mí lí blurred / hard to make out distinctly
 chè lí to withdraw from / to evacuate
 yóu lí to disassociate / to drift away / to leave (a collective) / free (component)
 piān lí to deviate / to diverge / to wander
 bō lí to peel / to strip / to peel off / to come off (of tissue, skin, covering etc)
 bié lí to take leave of / to leave / separation
 bèi lí to depart from / to deviate from / deviation
 shū lí to become alienated / estranged / alienation / disaffection / set wide apart
 liú lí homeless and miserable / forced to leave home and wander from place to place / to live as a refugee
 diàn lí ion / ionized (e.g. gas)
 shǐ lí to steer (the plane) away from / to drive away (from a place) / to leave
 zhī lí fragmented / disorganized / incoherent
 pàn lí to betray / to desert / to defect from / to turn renegade
 chōu lí to remove / to step back from involvement / to disengage
 guāi lí to part / to separate / to deviate
 jiě lí dissociation / to break up a chemical compound into its elements
 pāo lí to desert / to leave / to forsake
 pī lí split
 qiān lí to move away / to change residence
 qū lí to drive away / to dispel
 shǎn lí to get divorced shortly after marriage / to resign shortly after getting employed
 jìn jù lí close range
 yuǎn jù lí long-distance
 líng jù lí zero distance / face-to-face
 fù lí zǐ negative ion / anion (physics)
 cháng jù lí long distance
  cream separator / separator
 gé lí shuāng pre-makeup cream / makeup base / foundation primer
 yáng lí zǐ positive ion / cation (physics)
 duǎn jù lí short distance / a stone's throw away
 yīn lí zǐ negative ion / anion (physics)
 gé lí qiáng separation barrier / barrier / Wall
 diàn lí céng ionosphere
 chà bù lí not much different / similar / ordinary / nearly
 zhèng lí zǐ positive ion / cation (physics)
  separation stage / stage
 bù dà lí pretty close / just about right / not bad / same as 差不多
 bù lí r not bad / pretty good / pretty close
 diàn lí néng ionization
 diàn lí shì ionization chamber
线 gé lí xiàn separation line
 tàn gé lí carbon sequestration
 yóu lí jī free radical
 zhòng lí zǐ heavy ion (physics)
 pū shuò mí lí impossible to unravel / confusing
 zhī lí pò suì scattered and smashed (idiom)
 bēi huān lí hé joys and sorrows / partings and reunions / the vicissitudes of life
 xíng yǐng bù lí inseparable (as form and shadow)
 ruò jí ruò lí lit. seeming neither close nor distant (idiom) / fig. to keep one's distance / (of a relationship) lukewarm / vague
 shēng lí sǐ bié separated in life and death / to part for ever
 guāng guài lù lí monstrous and multicolored / grotesque and variegated
 cùn bù bù lí to follow sb closely (idiom) / to keep close to
 liú lí shī suǒ destitute and homeless (idiom) / forced from one's home and wandering about / displaced
 děng lí zǐ tǐ plasma (physics)
 bèi jǐng lí xiāng to leave one's native place, esp. against one's will (idiom)
 fēn bēng lí xī to collapse and fall apart (idiom) / to break up / falling to pieces
 diān pèi liú lí homeless and miserable (idiom) / to wander about in a desperate plight / to drift
 tiǎo bō lí jiàn to sow dissension (idiom) / to drive a wedge between
 yuàn lí dú pǐn avoidance of drugs
 qī lí zǐ sàn a family wrenched apart (idiom)
 mào hé shén lí the appearance of unity, but divided at heart (idiom) / seeming harmony belies underlying disagreement
 diàn lí fú shè ionization radiation / nuclear radiation
 bù jí bù lí to be neither too familiar nor too distant / to keep sb at arm's length
 bān bó lù lí variegated
 ài bié lí kǔ (Buddhism) the pain of parting with what (or whom) one loves, one of the eight distresses 八苦[ba1 ku3]
 diào hǔ lí shān to lure the tiger from its domain in the mountains (idiom) / to lure an enemy away from his territory
 liú lí diān pèi destitute and homeless (idiom) / displaced and without means
 mào hé xīn lí the appearance of unity, but divided at heart (idiom) / seeming harmony belies underlying disagreement
 mí lí chǎng huǎng indistinct / blurred / bewildering / confusing to the eye (idiom)
 zhòng pàn qīn lí lit. people rebelling and friends deserting (idiom) / fig. to find oneself utterly isolated
  separation nozzle
  parental alienation
  uranium-plutonium partitioning
  distance constraint / 350 M distance constraint
  disconnection clause
  separation technique
  removal efficiency / retention efficiency
  metal ion
  ionization constant
  separation factor / enrichment factor
  electron ionization
  deviation from the orthogonal
  distance criteria
  chromatographic separation
  social distancing
  gender apartheid
  breakoff phenomenon
  breakaway region
  breakaway region
  chemical ionization
  chlorine radical
  standing patrol
  buffer distance
 ān quán jù lí minimum safety distance / safety distance;
 bù dà lí r erhua variant of 不大離|不大离[bu4 da4 li2]
 bù kě fēn lí inseparable
 bù lí bù qì to stand by (sb) (idiom) / steadfast loyalty
 chà bù lí r erhua variant of 差不離|差不离[cha4 bu4 li2]
 chè lí jì huà exit strategy
 chè lí zhàn lu:è exit strategy
 chuán shū jù lí transmission distance
 fēn lí fèn zǐ separatist
 fēn lí zhǔ yì separatism
 gé lí hù lǐ barrier nursing
 gé lí jiǎn yì quarantine
使 gé lí shǐ yòng contained use
 guāng gé lí qì opto-isolator (electronics)
 jī bù lí shǒu to be unable to do without one's cell phone
 lā jìn jù lí to bring (people) closer together
 liǎng xìng lí zǐ (chemistry) zwitterion
 liú lí yù hé to reunite after being homeless refugees
 mí lí mǎ hu muddle-headed
 nán shě nán lí loath to part (idiom) / emotionally close and unwilling to separate
 piān chā jù lí offset distance
 qiǎng zhì lí jìng forced departure
 qīng yǎng lí zǐ hydroxide ion OH-
 qì tǐ lí xīn gas centrifuge
 shāng dìng lí zhí agreed separation
 shàn lí zhí shǒu to abscond / to be absent without leave
 shè shuǐ bō lí water-jet stripping / water jetting
 shōu rù bō lí earnings stripping
 shùn fēng jù lí downwind distance
 tuō lí kǔ hǎi to escape from the abyss of suffering / to shed off a wretched plight
 tuō lí sù duó escape velocity
 tuō lí wēi xiǎn out of danger / to avoid danger
 yán gé gé lí rigorous isolation
 yī yào fēn lí separating medical consultation from dispensing drugs, proposed policy to counteract perceived PRC problem of "drugs serving to nourish doctors" 以藥養醫|以药养医[yi3 yao4 yang3 yi1]
 zhèng jiào fēn lí separation of Church and state
 zhí yè gé lí occupational segregation
 zhǒng zú gé lí apartheid
 zī chǎn bō lí asset stripping
 zì dòng lí hé automatic clutch
 lǐ lí zǐ diàn chí lithium ion battery
 bā jiǔ bù lí shí pretty close / very near / about right
  base cations
  Separative Work Unit
  evaporative centrifuge
  plasma spray gun / plasma gun
  range resolution
  intermediate radical
  proximity verification
  blood centrifuge
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