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Radical 125
Strokes 6
Decomp. 耂匕
Mandarin lǎo
Entry Methods
Pinyin lao3
Kanji /
Sijiao 4471.1
CNS 11643 1-4852
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+8001
GB2312 C0CF
Level 3
 lǎo prefix used before the surname of a person or a numeral indicating the order of birth of the children in a family or to indicate affection or familiarity / old (of people) / venerable (person) / experienced / of long standing / always / all the time / of the past / very / outdated / (of meat etc) tough
Results beginning with 老
 lǎo shī teacher / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
 lǎo bǎn boss / business proprietor / CL:個|个[ge4]
 lǎo pó (coll.) wife
 lǎo rén old man or woman / the elderly / one's aged parents or grandparents
 lǎo dà old age / very / eldest child in a family / leader of a group / boss / captain of a boat / leader of a criminal gang
 lǎo gong (coll.) eunuch / see also 老公[lao3 gong1]
 lǎo gōng (coll.) husband
 lǎo shǔ rat / mouse / CL:隻|只[zhi1]
 lǎo tóu old fellow / old man / father / husband
 lǎo zi father / daddy / "I, your father" (in anger, or out of contempt) / I (used arrogantly or jocularly)
 Lǎo zǐ Laozi or Lao-tze (c. 500 BC), Chinese philosopher, the founder of Taoism / the sacred book of Daoism, 道德經|道德经 / by Laozi
 lǎo shi always
 lǎo hǔ tiger / CL:隻|只[zhi1]
 lǎo bà father / dad
 lǎo tài old lady
 lǎo zǒng boss / executive
 lǎo shi honest / sincere / well-behaved / open and guileless / naive
 lǎo nián elderly / old age / autumn of one's years
 lǎo mā mother / mom
 lǎo zhě old man / elderly man
 lǎo ye (respectful) lord / master / (coll.) maternal grandfather
 lǎo tiān God / Heavens
 lǎo wài (coll.) foreigner (esp. non Asian person) / layman / amateur
 lǎo jiā native place / place of origin / home state or region
 lǎo huà to age (of person or object) / becoming old
 lǎo xiāng fellow townsman / fellow villager / sb from the same hometown
 lǎo xiōng 'old chap' (form of address between male friends)
 lǎo èr second-eldest child in a family / (euphemism) penis
 lǎo gē oldie (song)
 lǎo dì (affectionate form of address for a male who is not very much younger than oneself) my boy / old pal
 lǎo jiàng lit. old general / commander-in-chief 將帥|将帅, the equivalent of king in Chinese chess / fig. old-timer / veteran
 lǎo diē (dialect) father / old man / sir
 lǎo bīng veteran
 lǎo hàn old man / I (an old man referring to himself)
 lǎo pái old, well-known brand / old style / old school / an old hand / experienced veteran
 lǎo shào the old and the young
 lǎo yuǎn very far away
 lǎo yǒu old friend / sb who passed the county level imperial exam (in Ming dynasty)
 lǎo yīng (coll.) eagle / hawk / any similar bird of prey
 lǎo shì old-fashioned / old type / outdated
 lǎo bó uncle (polite form of address for older male)
 lǎo bàn (of an elderly couple) husband or wife
 lǎo niáng my old mother / I, this old woman / my old lady (colloquial) / maternal grandmother / midwife
 lǎo shǒu experienced person / an old hand at sth
 lǎo liàn seasoned / experienced
 lǎo tào hackneyed / well-worn (phrase etc) / same old story / stereotypical fashion
 Lǎo jiē Lao Cai, Vietnam / Laokai or Laukkai, Burma (Myanmar)
 lǎo ér father / husband / old man
 lǎo wēng old man
 lǎo xiǎo the old and the young / the youngest member of the family
 lǎo jiù outmoded / old-fashioned
 Lǎo jūn Laozi or Lao-tze (c. 500 BC), Chinese philosopher, the founder of Taoism / the sacred book of Daoism, 道德經|道德经 / by Laozi
 lǎo liǎn self-respect of old person / face / thick-skinned (i.e. impervious to criticism) / brazen
 lǎo zǎo a long time ago
 lǎo fù father / old man / venerable sir
 lǎo lù old road / familiar way / beaten track / conventional behavior
 Lǎo wō Laos
 lǎo líng old age / aging / aged / geriatric / the aged
 lǎo jiǔ wine, esp. Shaoxing wine
 lǎo zhàng sir (respectful form of address for an old man)
 lǎo chéng mature / experienced / sophisticated
 lǎo dao experienced and careful
 lǎo bǎo female brothel keeper
 lǎo yù old woman (formal writing)
 lǎo shēng venerable middle-aged or elderly man, usually wearing an artificial beard (in Chinese opera)
 Lǎo Zhuāng Laozi and Zhuangzi (or Lao-tze and Chuang-tze), the founders of Daoism
 lǎo huā presbyopia
 lǎo mài aged / senile
 lǎo lao maternal grandmother / same as 姥姥
 lǎo běn capital / assets / savings / nest egg / (fig.) reputation / laurels (to rest upon) / old edition of a book / (tree) trunk
 lǎo jiǎn callus (patch or hardened skin) / corns (on feet) / also 老趼
 lǎo lài (coll.) debt dodger
 lǎo tài elderly, as in movement or bearing
 lǎo là shrewd and ruthless / efficient and unscrupulous
 lǎo sǒu old man
 lǎo kè peddler / old or regular customer
 lǎo yāo youngest
 lǎo yāo youngest
 lǎo bèi the older generation / ancestors
 lǎo tāo glutton
 lǎo dàn old woman role in Chinese opera
 lǎo guā a crow
 Lǎo biān Laobian district of Yingkou City 營口市|营口市, Liaoning
 lǎo bīng old ice
 lǎo chéng old town / old district of a city
 lǎo chōu dark soy sauce
 lǎo cū uneducated person / yokel / boor / roughneck
 Lǎo Dān another name for Laozi 老子[Lao3 zi3]
 lǎo diāo vulture
 lǎo fū I (spoken by an old man)
 lǎo gěng (Tw) unoriginal / hackneyed / (of a joke) old
 lǎo hēi (coll.) black person
 lǎo jì old thoroughbred / fig. aged person with great aspirations
 lǎo jiǎn callus (patch or hardened skin) / corns (on feet)
 lǎo jìng advanced years / old age
 lǎo kōu penny-pincher / miser
 lǎo le getting old
 lǎo mào dim sight of the aged / doddering / senile
 Lǎo Měi (coll.) an American / person from the United States
 Lǎo Mò (coll.) a Mexican
 lǎo mǔ old lady (term of modesty)
 lǎo niǎo old hand / veteran
 lǎo pǔ old ways / old habit
 lǎo qiān cheat / swindler (in gambling)
 Lǎo Shě Lao She (1899-1966), Chinese novelist and dramatist
 lǎo shì presbyopia
 lǎo zhàng lit. old account / old debt / fig. old scores to settle / old quarrels / old grudge
 lǎo zhuō old fart (usually in self-reference) / geezer
 lǎo bǎi xìng ordinary people / the "person in the street" / CL:個|个[ge4]
 lǎo rén jiā polite term for old woman or man
 lǎo nián rén old people / the elderly
 lǎo tài tai elderly lady (respectful) / esteemed mother / CL:位[wei4]
 lǎo tóu zi (coll.) old man / (said of an aging husband) my old man
 lǎo bǎn niáng female proprietor / lady boss / boss's wife
 lǎo shí shuō honestly speaking / to be frank, ...
 lǎo yé zi my (you etc) old father / polite appellation for an elderly male
 lǎo tiān yé God / Heavens
 lǎo jiā huo (coll.) old fellow / old codger
 lǎo hǔ jī slot machine
 lǎo tài pó old woman (at times contemptuous)
 lǎo zì hào shop, firm, or brand of merchandise with a long-established reputation
 lǎo tóu r see 老頭子|老头子[lao3 tou2 zi5]
 lǎo yī bèi previous generation / older generation
 lǎo fù rén old lady (term of modesty)
 lǎo hú li old fox / fig. cunning person
 lǎo yé ye (coll.) father's father's father / paternal great-grandfather
 lǎo nǎi nai (coll.) father's father's mother / paternal great-grandmother / respectful form of address for an old woman
 lǎo yàng zi old situation / things as they were
 lǎo bàn tiān (coll.) a long time
 lǎo líng huà aging (population)
 lǎo bù sǐ (derog.) old but still alive / old fart / old bastard
 lǎo dà yé uncle / grandpa / CL:位[wei4]
 lǎo dà gē big brother
 lǎo jiāng hú a much-travelled person, well acquainted with the ways of the world
 lǎo máo bìng chronic illness / old weakness / chronic problem
 lǎo tài yé elderly gentleman (respectful) / esteemed father
 lǎo diào yá very old / obsolete / out of date
 lǎo gōng gong old man / husband's father / father-in-law / court eunuch
 lǎo ye chē classic car
 lǎo chǔ nu:3 unmarried old woman / spinster
 lǎo hú tu dotard
 lǎo hǎo rén one who tries never to offend anybody
 lǎo mā zi older female servant / amah
 lǎo zī gé veteran
 lǎo huā jìng presbyopic glasses
 lǎo yī tào the same old stuff
 lǎo yóu tiáo old fox / slick customer
 lǎo dà niáng old lady / Madam (polite address) / CL:位[wei4]
 lǎo bàn r erhua variant of 老伴[lao3 ban4]
 lǎo huā yǎn presbyopia
 zhǎng lǎo elder / term of respect for a Buddhist monk
 gǔ lǎo ancient / old / age-old
 yǎng lǎo to provide for the elderly (family members) / to enjoy a life in retirement
 yuán lǎo senior figure / elder / doyen
 shuāi lǎo to age / to deteriorate with age / old and weak
 nián lǎo aged
 cāng lǎo old / aged / (of calligraphy or painting) vigorous / forceful
 fù lǎo elders
 èr lǎo mother and father / parents
 fǎ lǎo pharaoh (loanword)
 xié lǎo to grow old together
 yuè lǎo matchmaker / go-between / same as 月下老人[yue4 xia4 lao3 ren2]
 zhōng lǎo to spend one's last years
 jìng lǎo respect for the aged
 zūn lǎo respect the aged
 gū lǎo solitary old man or woman / regular patron (at brothels)
 chuí lǎo approaching old age
 yí lǎo old fogy / adherent of previous dynasty
 Bā lǎo "the Eight Great Eminent Officials" of the CPC, abbr. for 八大元老[Ba1 Da4 Yuan2 lao3]
 chì lǎo variant of 赤佬[chi4 lao3]
 fú lǎo to admit to one's advancing years / to acquiesce to old age
 jiā lǎo (old) a senior in one's household
 kěn lǎo (coll.) to live with and depend on one's parents even upon reaching adulthood
 kuò lǎo variant of 闊佬|阔佬[kuo4 lao3]
 tuí lǎo old and decrepit / senile
 xiǎn lǎo to look old
 Yán lǎo Yama
 Zhuāng Lǎo Zhuangzi and Laozi, the Daoist masters
 yǎng lǎo jīn pension
 huí lǎo jiā to go back to one's roots / to return to one's native place / by ext. to join one's ancestors (i.e. to die)
 zhōng lǎo nián middle and old age
 Mǐ Lǎo shǔ Mickey Mouse
 Bǎi lǎo huì Broadway (New York City)
 jìng lǎo yuàn home of respect for aged / nursing home
 mǔ lǎo hǔ tigress / (fig.) fierce woman / vixen
 zhǐ lǎo hǔ paper tiger
 xiǎo lǎo pó concubine / mistress / (dialect) woman
 pà lǎo pó henpecked / to be under one's wife's thumb
 yǎng lǎo yuàn nursing home
 Zhǎng lǎo huì Presbyterianism
 yuán lǎo yuàn upper house / senate / senior statesmen's assembly
 dà lǎo cū uncouth fellow / rustic
 Wáng lǎo jí Wanglaoji (beverage brand)
 qiū lǎo hǔ hot spell during autumn / Indian summer
 kěn lǎo zú (coll.) adults still living with and depending on their parents
 Gē lǎo huì late-Qing underground resistance movement against the Qing dynasty
 chòu lǎo jiǔ stinking intellectual (contemptuous term for educated people during the Cultural Revolution)
 chuán lǎo dà coxswain / steersman / boatswain (bo'sun)
 chū lǎo qiān to cheat (in gambling)
 dà lǎo pó primary wife
 dà lǎo yuǎn very far away
 fān lǎo zhàng to turn over old accounts / fig. to revive old quarrels / to reopen old wounds
 guān lǎo ye nickname for official
 gǔ lǎo ròu sweet and sour pork / also written 咕嚕肉|咕噜肉[gu1 lu1 rou4]
 hù lǎo zhě carer of elderly persons / aged care worker
 jìng lǎo xí priority seating for the aged (on buses etc)
 shuǐ lǎo yā common name for cormorant
 shuǐ lǎo yā common name for cormorant
 suàn lǎo jǐ (coll.) (I, you etc) have what status / who am I (you etc)
 Táng Lǎo yā Donald Duck
 tiān lǎo r albino (human)
 tiān lǎo ye see 老天爺|老天爷[lao3 tian1 ye2]
 tǔ lǎo mào hillbilly / yokel / redneck / bumpkin
 tuō lǎo suǒ senior center
 wáng lǎo wǔ lit. fifth child of the Wangs / bachelor
 xiǎo lǎo shǔ @ / at symbol
 zǎo lǎo sù presenilins
 zhǎng lǎo yuàn Meshrano Jirga / House of Elders
 yǎng lǎo bǎo xiǎn old-age insurance
 Shèng dàn Lǎo rén Father Christmas / Santa Claus
 yǔ wén lǎo shī language and literature teacher
 cháng shēng bù lǎo immortality
 shēng lǎo bìng sǐ lit. to be born, to grow old, to get sick and to die / fig. the fate of humankind (i.e. mortality)
 bái tóu xié lǎo (to live together until the) white hairs of old age (idiom) / to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss / until death do us part
 wèi lǎo xiān shuāi to age prematurely
 fú lǎo xié yòu taking everyone along, young and old / to look after the elderly and the young
 shào nián lǎo chéng accomplished though young / lacking youthful vigor
 yuè xià lǎo rén minor divinity concerned with marriage / matchmaker / go-between
 bǎo dāo wèi lǎo treasure knife does not age (idiom) / old but still vigorous
 bàn lǎo xú niáng middle-aged but still attractive woman / lady of a certain age
 bǎo dāo bù lǎo lit. a good sword always remains sharp (idiom) / fig. (of one's skills etc) to be as good as ever / the old man still has it
 shí tú lǎo mǎ lit. an old horse knows the way home (idiom) / fig. in difficulty, trust an experience colleague
 bái tóu dào lǎo (to live together until the) white hairs of old age (idiom) / to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss / until death do us part
 bǎo yǐ lǎo quán to thump repeatedly with one's fist
 bō lán lǎo chéng splendid and powerful (of story) / majestic / awesome
 dì lǎo tiān huāng see 天荒地老[tian1 huang1 di4 lao3]
 fǎn lǎo huán tóng to recover one's youthful vigor / to feel rejuvenated (idiom)
 gǒu dài lǎo shǔ lit. a dog who catches mice / to be meddlesome (idiom)
 gǒu dǎi lǎo shǔ lit. a dog who catches mice (idiom) / fig. to be meddlesome
 guò jiē lǎo shǔ sb or sth detested by all / target of scorn / anathema / cf. 老鼠過街,人人喊打|老鼠过街,人人喊打[lao3 shu3 guo4 jie1 , ren2 ren2 han3 da3]
 jìng lǎo zūn xián to respect the wise and venerate the worthy (idiom) / to honor the great and the good
 qī lǎo bā shí in one's seventies (age) / very old (of people)
 rén lǎo zhū huáng (of a woman) old and faded
 tiān huāng dì lǎo until the end of time (idiom)
 xú niáng bàn lǎo middle-aged but still attractive woman / lady of a certain age
 yǎng lǎo sòng zhōng to look after one's aged parents and arrange proper burial after they die
  General Fono
 ài lǎo hǔ nǐ I love you (jocular transliteration from English)
 Bā Dà Yuán lǎo "the Eight Great Eminent Officials" of the CPC, namely 鄧小平|邓小平[Deng4 Xiao3 ping2], 陳雲|陈云[Chen2 Yun2], 李先念[Li3 Xian1 nian4], 彭真[Peng2 Zhen1], 楊尚昆|杨尚昆[Yang2 Shang4 kun1], 薄一波[Bo2 Yi1 bo1], 王震[Wang2 Zhen4], and 宋任窮|宋任穷[Song4 Ren4 qiong2] / abbr. to 八老[Ba1 lao3]
 bǎi suì lǎo rén centenarian
 bái tóu xié lǎo live to ripe old age in conjugal bliss / remain a devoted couple to the end of their lives
 bā xún lǎo tài eighty year old lady
 cāng ying lǎo hǔ (coll.) jumping spider
 fān lǎo huáng lì to look to the past for guidance (idiom)
 gé bì Lǎo Wáng Mr Wang from next door (term used jocularly to refer to a neighbor who is supposedly sleeping with one's wife)
 jiǔ xún lǎo rén nonagenarian
 kōng xīn lǎo dà pretentious and vacuous person
 lóng tóu lǎo dà big boss / leader of a group / dominant (position)
 màn tán lǎo nián "initiative on age"
 māo kū lǎo shǔ the cat weeps for the dead mouse (idiom) / hypocritical pretence of condolence / crocodile tears
 Mián lán lǎo Dǎo Mindanao (island in the Philippines)
 Mǐ qí Lǎo shǔ Mickey Mouse
 mù nè lǎo rén ungraduated ruler / straight edge
 nán nu:3 lǎo shào men, women, young and old / all kinds of people / people of all ages
 nán nu:3 lǎo yòu men, women, young and old / everybody
 nián lǎo lì shuāi old and weak (idiom)
 nián lǎo tǐ ruò old and weak (idiom)
 qī xún lǎo rén septuagenarian
 rén kǒu lǎo huà population
 yǎng ér fáng lǎo (of parents) to bring up children for the purpose of being looked after in old age
 zhōng lǎo nián rén middle-aged and elderly people
 zūn lǎo ài yòu respect the old and cherish the young
 pǔ tōng lǎo bǎi xìng common people / average people / hoi polloi
  Council of Elders
  Presbyterian Church USA
  HelpAge International
  international year on aging
  National Bashingantahe Council
 chī jiǎo zi lǎo hu slot machine
 dōu lǎo dǐ dōu móu helmet (archaic)
 jiāng shì lǎo de là see 薑還是老的辣|姜还是老的辣[jiang1 hai2 shi4 lao3 de5 la4]
 kōng xīn dà lǎo guān fake important personage / sham
 qīng tiān dà lǎo ye (coll.) just and incorruptible official
 yǐ lǎo dà zì jū regarding oneself as number one in terms of leadership, seniority or status
 yòu ér yuán lǎo shī kindergarten teacher
 zuàn shí wáng lǎo wǔ highly eligible bachelor / desirable male partner
  demographic agequake / population agequake / agequake
  International Year of Older Persons
 guó jì lǎo nián rén rì International Day of Older Persons
 huó dào lǎo xué dào lǎo (proverb) never too old to learn
 jiāng hái shì lǎo de là ginger gets spicier as it gets older (idiom) / the older, the wiser
 shàng yǒu lǎo xià yǒu xiǎo lit. above are the elderly, below are the young (idiom) / fig. to have to take care of both one's aging parents and one's children / sandwich generation
 shì jiè lǎo líng zhuàng kuàng World Aging Situation
 yǎng lǎo jīn shuāng guǐ zhì dual pension scheme (PRC)
 zì zhǔ yǎng lǎo jī jīn autonomous pension funds
  World Congress of Gerontology
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