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 duì xiàng target / object / partner / boyfriend / girlfriend / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shì wù thing / object / CL:個|个[ge4]
 wù tǐ object / body / substance
 bù yǐ wéi rán not to accept as correct (idiom) / to object / to disapprove / to take exception to
 wù jiàn object
 kè tǐ object (philosophy)
 qì wù implement / utensil / article / object
 bīn yǔ object (grammar)
 wù thing / object / matter / abbr. for physics 物理
 bīn visitor / guest / object (in grammar)
 shòu shì object (of a transitive verb) / to receive a task
 shòu cí object (linguistics)
 tí chū yì yì to disagree / to object / to differ / to challenge (a statement)
 jīng huá best feature / most important part of an object / quintessence / essence / soul
 bǎo bèi treasured object / treasure / darling / baby / cowry / good-for-nothing or queer character
 shí wù material object / concrete object / original object / in kind / object for practical use / definite thing / reality / matter (physics)
线 xiàn tiáo line (in drawing, calligraphy etc) / the lines or contours of a three-dimensional object (hairstyle, clothing, car etc)
 shén qì magical object / object symbolic of imperial power / fine weapon
 pū tōng (onom.) sound of object falling into water / plop
 liàng guāng light / beam of light / gleam of light / light reflected from an object
 zhēn pǐn valuable object / curio
 yóu wù rarity / rare object / rare person / extraordinarily beautiful woman
 bù yàn not to tire of / not to object to
 cáng pǐn museum piece / collector's item / precious object
 xiào tán object of ridicule / laughingstock / to laugh over sth / to make light chat
 dǎ lāo to salvage / to dredge / to fish out (person or object from the sea)
 wù sè to look for / to seek / to choose / color of object / color of fleece (of domestic animal) / to see / to notice / all kinds of things / odds and ends
 fú zhòu charm / amulet (religious object conferring blessing)
 zhòng wù heavy object
 pāi zi beat (music) / paddle-shaped object (flyswatter etc) / racket (sports)
 xiào bǐng a matter for ridicule / an object of ridicule / laughingstock
 měi shù pǐn an art object
 tǒng zi tube-shaped object / tube / bobbin / (Internet slang) homonym for 同志[tong2 zhi4]
 bù míng fēi xíng wù unidentified flying object (UFO)
 jiān dǐng pointed object / cusp / pinnacle / steeple
 bǎ to hold / to contain / to grasp / to take hold of / handle / particle marking the following noun as a direct object / classifier for objects with handle / classifier for small objects: handful
 duān miàn end face / end surface of a cylindrical object
 jiāng will / shall / to use / to take / to checkmate / just a short while ago / (introduces object of main verb, used in the same way as 把[ba3])
仿 fǎng zhì pǐn counterfeit object / fake
 dà qì very capable person / precious object
 hǔ fú tiger tally (a two-piece object made in the shape of a tiger, used in ancient China as proof of authority. One half of a tally could be issued to a military officer and this would be matched with the other half when verification was required.)
 qí huò kě jū rare commodity worth hoarding / object for profiteering
 dǔ wù sī rén seeing an object makes one miss its owner (idiom)
 dǒu dry measure for grain equal to ten 升[sheng1] or one-tenth of a 石[dan4] / decaliter / peck / cup or dipper shaped object / old variant of 陡[dou3]
 bèi the back of a body or object / to turn one's back / to hide something from / to learn by heart / to recite from memory / unlucky (slang) / hard of hearing
 dài gāo mào zi (coll.) to be the object of flattery / to be placed on a pedestal
 luò net-like object / to hold sth in place with a net / to wind / to twist / (TCM) channels in the human body
 mín zhī mín gāo lit. the fat and wealth of the people (idiom) / the nation's hard-won wealth (esp. as an object of unscrupulous exploitation) / the people's blood, sweat and tears
 tǔ niú mù mǎ clay ox, wooden horse (idiom) / shape without substance / worthless object
 yí rén kǒu shí to make oneself an object of ridicule
 yī wù xiáng yī wù lit. one object bests another object / every item has a weakness (idiom) / there is a rock to every scissor, a scissor to every paper, and a paper to every rock
 wěi zào pǐn counterfeit object / forgery / fake
 bīn yǔ guān xì cóng jù object relative clause
 fú object held by dancer
 héng duàn wù transverse object
 qū to extinguish a burning object / to singe sth with a smoldering object (e.g. burn a hole in one's trousers with a cigarette) / to stir-fry / to pour a mixture of hot oil and flavorings over food
 miàn xiàng duì xiàng yǔ yán object oriented language
 wěi tuō faking a modern object as an ancient one
 yōu fú UFO (loanword) / unidentified flying object / space ship
仿 fǎng mào pǐn counterfeit object / imitation / fake / pirated goods
 jiǎ mào pǐn counterfeit object / fake
 pā dā (onom.) sound of object falling into water / plop
 shí wù jiào xué object lesson
 bǎo huò precious object / treasure
 cháng yòng pǐn everyday implement / object of everyday use
 Wén dàng Duì xiàng Mó xíng Document Object Model (DOM)
 tóng rén puppet burial object / wooden effigy buried to put a curse on sb
 tóng mù ǒu puppet burial object / wooden effigy buried to put a curse on sb
 Zào shén xīng Vesta, an asteroid, second most massive object in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, discovered in 1807 by H.W. Olbers
 wán qì elegant plaything / object to appreciate
 chǎn ér newborn baby / fig. brand-new object
 fā yīn tǐ sound producing object (soundboard, vibrating string, membrane etc)
 zhí jiē bīn yǔ direct object (grammar)
 lǐ qì ritual object / sacrificial vessel
 jiàn jiē bīn yǔ indirect object (grammar)
 fēng diào character (of a person, verse, object etc) / style
 jìn dì tiān tǐ near-Earth object (NEO)
 jīn gāng chǔ vajra scepter (ritual object of Buddhism)
  near-Earth object
 zhī chū yòng tú object of expenditure
 àn tiān tǐ shè xiàng jī Faint Object Camera
 zhī chū yòng tú zhàng hù object of expenditure account
  space object
  object recognition
  object code
  civilian object
  Document Object Model
  effective execution of the object and purpose of a treaty
  to defeat the object and purpose of a treaty
  object and purpose of the treaty
 gǔ lǔ lǔ (onom.) the sound of a rolling object
 qīng wán a refined and elegant object for enjoyment / curio
 cǎo biāo (old) sign made of woven weeds, placed on an object, an animal or a person, indicating that it is for sale.
 xiè yù gōng jù sexual object
 shú jià price paid to redeem an object / (religion) price paid to redeem sb / ransom
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