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Decomp. 又寸
Mandarin duì
Entry Methods
Pinyin dui4
Kanji /
Sijiao 7440.0
Wubi CFY
CNS 11643 3-223E
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5BF9
GB2312 B6D4
Level 2
 duì right / correct / couple / pair / towards / at / for / to face / opposite / to treat (sb a certain way) / to match together / to adjust / to fit / to suit / to answer / to reply / classifier: couple
Results beginning with 对
 duì yú regarding / as far as sth is concerned / with regards to
 duì fāng counterpart / other person involved / opposite side / other side / receiving party
 duì xiàng target / object / partner / boyfriend / girlfriend / CL:個|个[ge4]
 duì shǒu opponent / rival / competitor / (well-matched) adversary / match
 duì wài external / foreign / pertaining to external or foreign (affairs)
 duì huà dialog / CL:個|个[ge4]
 duì bǐ to contrast / contrast / ratio / CL:個|个[ge4]
 duì dài to treat / treatment
 duì le Correct! / Oh, that's right, ... (when one suddenly remembers sth one wanted to mention) / Oh, by the way, ...
 duì miàn (sitting) opposite / across (the street) / directly in front / to be face to face
 duì fu to handle / to deal with / to cope / to get by with
 duì yìng to correspond / a correspondence / corresponding / homologous / matching with sth / counterpart
 duì kàng to withstand / to resist / to stand off / antagonism / confrontation
 duì cè countermeasure for dealing with a situation
 duì zhào to contrast / to compare / to place side by side for comparison (as parallel texts) / to check
 duì rén in personam
 duì bái dialog (in a movie or a play)
 duì zhèn poised for battle / to square up for a fight
 duì zhǔn to aim at / to target / to point at / to be directed at / registration / alignment (mechanical engineering)
 duì lì to oppose / to set sth against / to be antagonistic to / antithetical / relative opposite / opposing / diametrical
 duì zhàn to do battle (with sb)
 duì jià consideration (in exchange for shares) / a quid pro quo
 duì jué confrontation / contest / showdown
 duì zhì to stand opposite / to confront / confrontation
 duì jiāo to focus (a camera) / focusing
 duì Huá (policy etc) towards China
 duì lián rhyming couplet / pair of lines of verse written vertically down the sides of a doorway / CL:副[fu4],幅[fu2]
 duì jiē to join up / to dock / a joint (between components)
 duì chèn symmetry / symmetrical
 duì kǒu (of two performers) to speak or sing alternately / to be fit for the purposes of a job or task / (of food) to suit sb's taste
 duì àn opposite bank (of a body of water)
 duì wàng to look at each other
 duì Měi (policy etc) towards America
 duì Rì (policy etc) towards Japan
 duì qí to align / (typography) to justify
 duì tou (longstanding) opponent / enemy / inimical / adversary / opponent
 duì tóu correct / normal / to be on good terms with / on the right track / right
 duì nèi internal / national / domestic (policy)
 duì dí to confront / to face the enemy
 duì děng equal status / equal treatment / parity (under the law) / equity / reciprocity
 duì chàng in duet / answering phrase / antiphonal answer
 duì tái (policy etc) towards Taiwan
 duì chōng hedging (finance)
 duì yǎn to squint / to one's liking
 duì zhèng correct diagnosis / to prescribe the right cure for an illness / to suit the medicine to the illness
 duì mén the building or room opposite
 duì kāi running in opposite direction (buses, trains, ferries etc)
 duì lěi to face off against one's adversary (military, sports etc)
 duì zǐ pair of antithetical phrases / antithetical couplet
 duì liú convection
 duì dǎ to spar / to fight / to duke it out
 duì shù logarithm
 duì xiā prawn / shrimp
 duì lù suitable / to one's liking
 duì jú opposing sides (in chess etc) / position (of opposing forces)
 duì yì to play go, chess etc
 duì ǒu dual / duality / antithesis / coupled phrases (as rhetorical device) / spouse
 duì dá to reply / to answer / response / reply
 duì zhé to sell at a 50% discount / to fold in two
 duì tán to talk with sb (face to face) / discussion / talk / chat
 duì jiǎo opposite angle
 duì gōng to attack (one another)
 duì wèi counterpoint (in music etc) / to align / alignment
 duì huàn to exchange / to swap
 duì hào tick / check mark (✓) / number for verification (serial number, seat number etc) / (fig.) two things match up
 duì jú couplet
 duì zhì to confront (in court etc) / confrontation
 duì diào to swap places / to exchange roles
 duì zhuàng to collide / collision
 duì zhàng to verify accounting records / also written 對賬|对账[dui4 zhang4]
 duì gē answering phrase of duet / to sing antiphonal answer
 duì zhàng antithesis (two lines of poetry matching in sense and sound) / to fight / to wage war
 duì bàn half-and-half / 50-50 / to double
 duì jīn buttoned Chinese jacket
 duì àn counterproposal
 duì bēi to raise glasses together / to toast one another
 duì běn (a return) equal to the capital / 100 percent profit
 duì biǎo to set or synchronize a watch
簿 duì bù to confront sb with accusation / written charge in court (in former times) / to take sb to court
 duì chèn to serve as foil to one another
 duì cì bayonet practice in pairs
 duì cí to rehearse one's lines (of actor)
 Duì dǎo Tsushima islands, between Japan and South Korea
 duì dì targeted (e.g. attacks)
 duì gōng proper
 duì guò across / opposite / the other side
 duì huǒ to use the tip of another person’s lit cigarette to light one's own
 duì jiā partner (in four person game) / family of proposed marriage partner
 duì jìn suitable / to one's liking / to get along together
 duì kè to give answering phrase (school exercise in memory or composition)
 Duì mǎ Tsushima Island, between Japan and South Korea
 duì mà to hurl abuse / to trade insults / slanging match
 duì qīn courting / meeting for purpose of marriage / to settle into a relationship
 duì shàng to fit one into the other / to bring two things into contact
 duì shēng opposite (botany)
 duì shì to look face to face
 duì wù in rem
 duì xiāo in equilibrium / to cancel out (of opposite forces) (physics)
 duì xīn congenial / to one's liking
 duì yāo pair of aces (in dominoes) / double one
 duì yìng to be the mirror image of sth / enantiomorphic / antipodal / enantiomeric (chemistry)
 duì zhàng to verify accounting records / also written 對帳|对帐[dui4 zhang4]
 duì zhèng confrontation
 duì zhuó to sit face-to-face and drink
 duì zuǐ to lip-sync
 duì bu qǐ unworthy / to let down / I'm sorry / excuse me / pardon me / if you please / sorry? (please repeat)
 duì huà kuàng dialog box (computing)
 duì bù duì right or wrong? / Is it right? / OK, yes? (colloquial)
 duì jiǎng jī intercom / walkie-talkie
 duì bǐ dù contrast (balance of black and white in TV screen setup) / degree of contrast
 duì de qǐ not to let sb down / to treat sb fairly / be worthy of
 duì duì pèng concentration (a pair-matching game)
 duì bu zhù to let sb down / to be unfair / I'm sorry / pardon me (formal)
 duì kàng sài duel / match / competition between paired opponents (e.g. sporting)
 duì zhào biǎo comparison table
 duì zhào zǔ control group / control-treated group / control-assigned group
 duì lì miàn opposite / antonym / the opposite side (in a conflict)
线 duì jiǎo xiàn (geometry) a diagonal
 duì kàng xìng antagonistic
 duì chèn xìng symmetry
 duì chèn zhóu axis of symmetry / central axis (in Chinese architecture)
 duì duì zǐ to supply the answering phrase
 duì kǒu xíng lip synching
 duì liú céng troposphere / lower atmosphere
  docking module / docking unit
 duì běn kūn 1,4-benzoquinone (chemistry) / para-benzoquinone
 duì bǐ sè color contrast
 duì bù shàng to disagree / I can't agree with that.
 duì chá r to agree with / of the same opinion / to coincide
 duì chèn měi symmetry (as an aesthetic quality)
 duì dǐng jiǎo angle to the vertical / angle (between two lines or two planes)
 duì dí zhě rival
 duì gōng r proper
 duì huà kè conversation class
 duì jìn r erhua variant of 對勁|对劲[dui4 jin4]
 duì kàng yào antagonist
 duì kàng zhě adversary / opponent
 duì kǒu cí dialog (for stage performance)
 duì kǒu jìng to arrange to give the same story
 Duì mǎ Dǎo Tsushima Island, between Japan and South Korea
 duì ǒu xìng (math.) duality
 duì rì zhào gegenschein
 duì shì quán (law) absolute rights / erga omnes rights
 duì shǒu fāng counterparty
 duì tuō wǎng pair trawl
 duì wèi kǒu to one's taste / tasty / fig. sth one enjoys
 duì wèi r tasty / to one's liking
 duì xiā kē penaeidae (the prawn or shrimp family)
 miàn duì to confront / to face
 jué duì absolute / unconditional
 zhēn duì to target / to focus on / to be aimed at or against / in response to
 xiāng duì relatively / opposite / to resist / to oppose / relative / vis-a-vis / counterpart
 fǎn duì to fight against / to oppose / to be opposed to / opposition
 bù duì incorrect / wrong / amiss / abnormal / queer
 yī duì couple / pair
 yìng duì response / to answer / to reply
 pài duì party (loanword)
 hé duì to check / to verify / to audit / to examine
 jiào duì proofreader / to proofread / to calibrate
 zhèng duì directly facing
 dí duì hostile / enemy (factions) / combative
 zuò duì to set oneself against / to oppose / to make a pair
 pèi duì to pair up / to match up / to form a pair (e.g. to marry) / to mate / matched pair
 bǐ duì comparison / to verify by comparing
 dá duì (usually used in the negative) to answer or reply to sb's question
 chá duì to scrutinize / to examine / to check
 chéng duì to form a pair
 chóu duì (literary) to reply / to answer
 jǐ duì (coll.) to mock / to bully / to force (a concession out of sb)
 mén duì couplet (hung on each side of the door frame)
 xié duì catty-corner / to be diagonally opposite to
techno派 technopài duì techno-parties
 zhēn duì xìng focus / direction / purpose / relevance
 miàn duì miàn face to face
 bù duì jìn not in good condition / wrong / fishy
 bù duì chèn unsymmetrical / asymmetric
 diǎn duì diǎn p2p (peer-to-peer)
 jué duì zhí absolute value
 fǎn duì pài opposition faction
 xiāng duì lùn theory of relativity
 sǐ duì tou arch-enemy / sworn enemy
 fǎn duì piào a vote against / a veto
 fǎn duì dǎng opposition (political) party
 bù duì tóu fishy / not right / amiss
 fēi duì chèn asymmetric
 zhǎo duì xiàng to seek a marriage partner / looking for a mate
 jié duì zǐ to form pairs / to twin
  air to air
 bèi duì bèi back to back
 kōng duì dì air-to-surface (missile)
 yòu duì qí to right justify (typography)
 bù duì pán (of a person) objectionable / (of two people) to find each other disagreeable
 chāo duì chèn supersymmetry
 dǎ duì tái to compete / to rival
 dǎ duì zhàng to compete
 dí duì xìng hostile / hostility
 fǎn duì guó objecting State
 hé duì zhì nuclear stalemate
 jiǎn jī duì base pair (molecular biology)
 jiào duì yuán proofreader
 jué duì fǎ jus cogens
 jué duì quán (law) absolute rights / erga omnes rights
 pèi duì r matched pair
 rè duì liú heat convection
 xiàng duì xiàng to meet a possible marriage partner
 yī duì r a pair / a couple
 zuǒ duì qí to left justify (typography)
 jìng zhēng duì shǒu rival / competitor
 zhēn fēng xiāng duì to oppose each other with equal harshness (idiom) / tit for tat / measure for measure
 mén dāng hù duì the families are well-matched in terms of social status (idiom) / (of a prospective marriage partner) an appropriate match
 Zhōng Yīng duì zhào Chinese English parallel texts
 qí féng duì shǒu to be evenly matched / to meet one's match
 wén bù duì tí irrelevant / beside the point
 chàng duì tái xì to put on a rival show (idiom) / to set oneself up against sb / to get into confrontation
 chéng shuāng zuò duì see 成雙成對|成双成对[cheng2 shuang1 cheng2 dui4]
 jué duì gāo dù absolute temperature
 jué duì líng dù absolute zero
湿 jué duì shī dù absolute humidity
 jué duì wēn dù absolute temperature
 niú yī duì qì couple living in destitute misery (idiom)
 sǐ wú duì zhèng the dead cannot testify (idiom) / dead men tell no tales
 wú yán kě duì unable to reply (idiom) / left speechless / at a loss for words
湿 xiāng duì shī dù relative humidity
 yìng duì rú liú to respond fluently / to answer smartly
  relative chronology
  matching contribution
  hostile action
  internal matching
  counterpart personnel
  specific gravity
  plurality / simple majority
  absolute viscosity / dynamic viscosity
  comparative advantage
  double standard
  electronic attack / electronic countermeasures
  relative depth
  relative positioning
  paired spawning
  coping capacity
  persons of concern to UNHCR / persons of concern
  relative frequency
  target audience
  relative error
  peremptory challenge
 bān jīng xiāng duì to treat sb with courtesy (idiom)
 bǎo cháng duì yìng (math.) distance-preserving correspondence / isometry
 bǎo jiǎo duì yìng (math.) distance-preserving correspondence / conformal map
 bù duì chá r not proper / not fit for the occasion
 bù duì jìn r erhua variant of 不對勁|不对劲[bu4 dui4 jin4]
 chēng mù yǐ duì to return only a blank stare / to stare back
 chéng shuāng chéng duì to form pairs / to be in couples
 fǎn duì chéng xù objection procedure / opting-out clause
 fǎn duì fāng miàn opposing party
 fàn hàn duì yīn Sanskrit-Chinese transliteration
 fú shè duì chèn radial symmetry
 hé duì zhàng mù to verify accounting records
 hù dòng duì huà interactive dialogue
 jiǎn jī pèi duì base pairing (e.g. adenine A 腺嘌呤 / pairs with thymine T 胸腺嘧啶 / in DNA) / base pair
 jīn xī duì bǐ to contrast past suffering with present happiness (idiom)
 jué duì dìng wèi absolute positioning / astro-geodetic positioning
 jué duì dì zhǐ absolute address (computing)
 jué duì duō shù absolute majority
 jué duì guān niàn absolute idea (in Hegel's philosophy)
 jué duì lián xù absolutely continuous (math)
 jué duì nián dài absolute chronology
 jué duì pín qióng absolute poverty
 jué duì shēn duó absolute depth
 jué duì shù zì absolute (as opposed to relative) number
 jué duì wù chā absolute error
 jué duì xīng děng absolute magnitude
 jué duì yòu shì absolute advantage
 jū zhōng duì qí centered alignment (typography)
 lā bāng jǐ duì mobbing
 lěng mò duì dài cold and detached towards sb / lack of regard / indifference / neglect
 liǎng àn duì huà bilateral talks
 liǎng cè duì chèn bilateral symmetry
 qiáng liè fǎn duì to oppose strongly / violently opposed to
 qiān jiǎn jī duì kilobase pair (molecular biology)
 quán guó duì huà national dialogue
 sēn lín duì huà The Forest Dialogue
 shěn jì duì xiàng auditee / audited entity
 sù sòng duì fāng opposing party
 wú yán yǐ duì to be left speechless / unable to respond
 xiāng duì dì zhǐ relative address (computing)
 xiāng duì lùn xìng relativistic (physics)
 xiāng duì mì dù relative density
 xiāng duì wèi zhi relative position
 yī duō duì yìng one-to-many correspondence
 Yīng Hàn duì yì English-Chinese parallel text
 yī yī duì yìng one-to-one correspondence
 yuān jiā duì tóu enemy (idiom) / opponent / arch-enemy
 yuē huì duì xiàng partner for dating / a date (boyfriend or girlfriend)
 zá jiāo pài duì sex party / orgy
 zhì zhōng duì qí centered alignment (typography)
K-对  K-strategist / K-selected species
r-对  r-strategist / r-selected species
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