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Radical 144
Strokes 6
Decomp. 彳一丁
Mandarin háng; xíng; xìng
Entry Methods
Pinyin hang2; xing2; xing4
Kanji /
Sijiao 2122.1
CNS 11643 1-4867
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+884C
GB2312 D0D0
Results for 行
 háng row / line / commercial firm / line of business / profession / to rank (first, second etc) among one's siblings (by age) / (in data tables) row / (Tw) column
 xíng to walk / to go / to travel / a visit / temporary / makeshift / current / in circulation / to do / to perform / capable / competent / effective / all right / OK! / will do / behavior / conduct / Taiwan pr. [xing4] for the behavior-conduct sense
 xìng behavior / conduct
Results beginning with 行
 háng yè industry / business
 xíng wéi action / conduct / behavior / activity
 xíng zhèng administrative / executive (attributive)
 xíng dòng operation / action / to move / mobile / CL:個|个[ge4]
 háng qíng market price / quotation of market price / the current market situation
 xíng chéng journey / course of a journey / distance traveled / trajectory / itinerary / route / course (of history) / (Tw) (computing) process
 xíng zǒu to walk
 xíng shǐ to travel along a route (of vehicles etc)
 xíng li luggage / CL:件[jian4]
 xíng rén pedestrian / traveler on foot / passer-by / official responsible for arranging audiences with the emperor
使 xíng shǐ to exercise (a right etc)
 xíng shì to execute / to handle / behavior / action / conduct
 háng liè ranks / procession
 xíng xiāo to sell / marketing
 háng huò authorized goods / genuine goods / crudely-made goods
 xíng chē to drive a vehicle / movement of vehicles
 xíng xīng planet / CL:顆|颗[ke1]
 xíng zōng whereabouts / (lose) track (of)
 xíng jìn to advance / forward motion
 xíng lǐ to salute / to make one's salutations
 háng zhǎng bank president
 xíng jìng path / conduct / behavior
 háng jiā connoisseur / expert / veteran
 xíng jūn a march (army) / to march
贿 xíng huì to bribe / to give bribes
 xíng náng traveling bag / luggage
 xíng yī to practice medicine (esp. in private practice)
 xíng xiōng violent crime / to commit a violent act (assault or murder)
 xíng wén writing style (formal) / to send an official written communication
 xíng piàn to cheat / to deceive
 háng dang profession / role (acting)
 háng tóu team leader (archaic) / shopkeeper (archaic)
 xíng tou a person's clothing / outfit / actor's costume
 xíng jiāng ready to start on sth / about to act
 xíng shàn to do good works / to be merciful
 xíng gōng temporary imperial residence
 xíng cì to assassinate / to commit a murder
 xíng shěng province (old)
 xíng lù to travel / transport
 xíng xíng to carry out a (death) sentence / execution
 xíng zhuāng clothes and other items packed for traveling / baggage / luggage
 xíng jīng to pass by / menstruation
 xíng qiè to steal / to commit a robbery
 xíng shū running script / semi-cursive script (Chinese calligraphic style)
 xíng shǔ administrative office
 háng jù row spacing
 háng hào (registered) company
 xíng qǐ to beg / to ask for alms
 xíng jì tracks / traces / movements
 háng jiān between rows
 xíng zhǐ movements / attitude / behavior / whereabouts / tracks
 háng huà jargon / language of the trade
 xíng fáng euphemism for sexual intercourse / to go to bed with sb
 xíng chuán to sail a boat / to navigate
 xíng cǎo semi-cursive script
 xíng lu:3 traveler / wanderer / vagabond / rolling stone
 xíng jiǎo (of a monk) to travel / itinerant
 xíng lìng to issue orders / to order sb to drink in a drinking game
  row marker
 háng bèi generation and age ranking / seniority
 háng shāng traveling salesman / itinerant trader / hawker / peddler
 háng shì quotation on market price
 háng yǔ slang / jargon / cant / lingo / patois / argot
 háng zhàn warehouse
 xíng bǎn andante / at a walking pace
 xíng hǎo to give to charity / philanthropic
 xíng kè visitor / traveler
 xíng qī departure date / time to leave
 xíng qiè traveling suitcase
 Xíng táng Xingtang county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shi2 jia1 zhuang1], Hebei
 xíng tǐ see 行書|行书[xing2 shu1]
 xíng yín to commit adultery
 xíng zhě pedestrian / walker / itinerant monk
 xíng zhuàng person's background
 xíng zhèng qū administrative district
 Xíng zhèng yuàn Executive Yuan, the executive branch of government under the constitution of Republic of China, then of Taiwan
 xíng bu tōng won't work / will get (you) nowhere
 xíng shì lì calendar / schedule
 xíng li xiāng suitcase / baggage compartment / overhead bin / (car) trunk / boot
 xíng zhèng fǎ administrative law
 xíng wéi xué ethologie
 xíng de tōng practicable / realizable / will work
 xíng zhèng quán administrative authority / executive power
 xíng li jià luggage rack
 háng liè shì determinant
 xíng jūn chuáng camp bed / bivouac
  Office of Operations
  Division of Administration
  Administration Unit
  Administration Section
  line begins
  line ends
  line resumes
  administrative leave
  area of operations / operational zone
 xíng bō guǎn traveling wave tube (electronics)
 xíng chéng dān (e-ticket) itinerary receipt
 xíng jìn dǎng forward gear
 xíng jiǔ lìng to play a drinking game
 xíng jūn lǐ military salute
 xíng li dài travel bag
 xíng li fáng luggage office
 xíng li piào baggage tag
 xíng li yuán porter / bellboy
 xíng rén jìng footway
 Xíng táng xiàn Xingtang county in Shijiazhuang 石家莊|石家庄[Shi2 jia1 zhuang1], Hebei
 xíng xíng duì firing squad
 xíng xīng jì interplanetary
 xíng xiōng zhě perpetrator
 xíng zhèng yuán administrator
 xíng zhèng guǎn lǐ administration / administrative management
 xíng zhèng bù mén administrative department / administration / executive (government branch)
 xíng zhèng fǎ guī regulation
 xíng zhèng jī guān administrative authority / branch of government
 xíng zhī yǒu xiào to be effective (idiom)
 xíng dòng jì huà action plan
  administrative proceeding
 xíng zhèng qū huà administrative subdivision
 xíng zhèng zhǎng guān chief executive / magistrate
 xíng yún liú shuǐ lit. moving clouds and flowing water (idiom) / fig. very natural and flowing style of calligraphy, writing, etc / natural and unforced
 xíng wéi zhǔn zé code of conduct / standard of conduct
 xíng shī zǒu ròu walking corpse (idiom) / zombie / person who lives only on the material level
  administrative assistant
 xíng zhèng gōng shǔ administrative office
 xíng jiāng jiù mù to approach one's coffin (idiom) / with one foot in the grave
 xíng bù cóng jìng lit. not following the straight path (idiom) / fig. looking for a shortcut to get ahead in work or study
 xíng bù yóu jìng lit. never taking a short-cut (idiom) / fig. upright and honest
  Platform for Action
  call for action
  operational security
  notice to move
  action group
  action file
  action agenda
  administrative rule
  executive agreement
  administrative specialist
  Administrative Secretary
  planetary jet
  Administrative Officer
  executive head
  doctrine of operations
  administrative expenditure
  march column
  rate of march
  administrative culture
  actionable intelligence
  operational order / operations order
 jìn xíng to advance / to conduct / underway / in progress / to do / to carry out / to carry on / to execute
 yùn xíng to move along one's course (of celestial bodies etc) / (fig.) to function / to be in operation / (of a train service etc) to operate / to run / (of a computer) to run
 zhí xíng to implement / to carry out / to execute / to run
 yín háng bank / CL:家[jia1],個|个[ge4]
 fā xíng to publish / to issue (stocks, currency etc) / to release / to distribute (a film)
 jǔ xíng to hold (a meeting, ceremony etc)
 liú xíng (of a contagious disease etc) to spread / to propagate / (of a style of clothing, song etc) popular / fashionable
 shí xíng to implement / to carry out / to put into practice
 zì xíng voluntary / autonomous / by oneself / self-
 bù xíng won't do / be out of the question / be no good / not work / not be capable
 pái háng to rank / ranking / seniority (among siblings)
 lu:3 xíng to travel / journey / trip / CL:趟[tang4],次[ci4],個|个[ge4]
 lu:3 xíng to fulfill (one's obligations) / to carry out (a task) / to implement (an agreement) / to perform
 fēi xíng (of planes etc) to fly / flying / flight / aviation
 tóng háng person of the same profession / of the same trade, occupation or industry
 tóng xíng to journey together
 yī xíng party / delegation
 tuī xíng to put into effect / to carry out
 yāng háng central bank
 xiàn xíng to be in effect / in force / current
 zàn xíng provisional
 qiáng xíng to do sth by force
 shī xíng to put in place / to put into practice / to take effect
 fēn háng branch of bank or store / subsidiary bank
 xiān xíng to precede others / in advance
 shì xíng to try out / to test
 chū xíng to set out on a long journey / to travel afar
 kě xíng feasible
 xiū xíng religious practice (Buddhism)
 qián xíng (literary) to go forward
 bù xíng to go on foot / to walk
 tōng xíng to go through / to pass through / to be in general use
 wǔ xíng five phases of Chinese philosophy: wood 木, fire 火, earth 土, metal 金, water 水
 píng xíng parallel / of equal rank / simultaneous
 zhī háng sub-branch of a bank
 lìng xíng (to do sth) separately / as a separate action
 Jiàn háng China Construction Bank (abbr.)
 Gōng háng ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) / abbr. for 工商銀行|工商银行[Gong1 Shang1 Yin2 hang2]
 shāng háng trading company
 yán xíng words and actions / what one says and what one does
 yóu xíng march / parade / demonstration
 shàng xíng (of trains) up (i.e. towards the capital) / (of river boats) to go against the current / to submit (a document) to higher authorities
 fēng xíng to become fashionable / to catch on / to be popular
 héng xíng to go on the rampage / to riot / to run amuck
 zuì xíng crime / offense
 shèng xíng to be in vogue / to be prevalent
 Zhōng háng abbr. for 中國銀行|中国银行[Zhong1 guo2 Yin2 hang2]
 háng xíng to sail / to fly / to navigate
 pá xíng to crawl / to creep
 bìng xíng to proceed in parallel / side by side (of two processes, developments, thoughts etc)
 xià xíng (of trains) down (i.e. away from the capital) / (of river boats) to travel downstream / to issue (a document) to lower bureaucratic levels / (of writing on the page) vertical, proceeding from top to bottom
 suí xíng to accompany
 fèng xíng to pursue (a course, a policy)
 lì xíng routine (task, procedure etc) / as usual
穿 chuān xíng to go through / to bore through / to push one's way through
 chē háng car-related business / car dealership / taxi company / (commercial) garage
 chē xíng traffic / to drive (i.e. travel in a vehicle)
 dú xíng solitary
 dé xing variant of 德性[de2 xing5]
 dé xíng morality and conduct / Taiwan pr. [de2 xing4]
 fàng xíng to let pass
 yuǎn xíng a long journey / far from home
 chuàn háng to miss a line / to confuse two lines
 chuàn xíng series / serial (computer)
 sòng xíng to see someone off / to throw someone a send-off party
 dào héng skills acquired through religious practice / (fig.) ability / skill / Taiwan pr. [dao4 hang5]
 pǐn xíng behavior / moral conduct
 chéng xíng to embark on a journey
 wài háng layman / amateur
 huá xíng to slide / to coast / to glide / (of an aircraft) to taxi
 lín xíng on leaving / on the point of departure
 běn háng one's line / one's own profession
 gǎi háng to change profession
 bào xíng savage act / outrage / atrocity
 nèi háng expert / adept / experienced / an expert / a professional
 yè xíng night walk / night departure / nocturnal
 zhuǎn háng to change profession
 è xíng evil or wicked conduct
 huàn háng to wrap (text) / line feed (computing)
 qián xíng to slink / to move stealthily / to advance through the water
 Shì háng World Bank / abbr. for 世界銀行|世界银行[Shi4 jie4 Yin2 hang2]
 nì xíng to go the wrong way / to go against one-way traffic regulation
 rào xíng detour / long way around
 dān xíng to come individually / to treat separately / separate edition / one-way traffic
 nán xíng hard to pass
 zhí xíng to go straight / straight forward / fig. to do right
 lì xíng to practice diligently / to act energetically
 jiàn xíng to give a farewell dinner
 shàn xíng good actions
 yáng háng foreign firm (old)
 kǔ xíng ascetic practice
 dǒng háng to know the ropes
 shòu xíng brutal act / bestiality
 dài xíng to act as a substitute / to act on sb's behalf
 cāo xíng (student's) behavior
 zūn xíng to follow / to obey / compliance
 cí xíng to say goodbye / leave-taking / farewells
 jiàn xíng to hike
 shān xíng mountain hike
 yìn xíng to print and distribute / to publish
 shé xíng to creep / to zigzag / to meander / to weave
 bān xíng issue for enforcement
 chǒu xíng scandal
 yì xíng righteous deed
 kān xíng to print and circulate
 gōng xíng to personally undertake or manage
 xìng xíng sexual activity
退 tuì xíng to recede / to degenerate / to regress
 duàn háng line break (computing)
 duàn xíng to carry out resolutely
 dǔ xíng to carry out (obligation) conscientiously / to behave sincerely
仿 fǎng xíng to fashion after / to imitate
 gé háng to interlace / to interleave (computing)
 hún xíng mixed use (e.g. pedestrians and vehicles) / joint operation (e.g. trains and buses)
 jiàn xíng to practice / to put into practice
 jiè xíng (Buddhism) to adhere strictly to the ethical precepts / asceticism
 liáng háng grain retailer (in former times)
 màn xíng to walk slowly
 róng háng troops / military affairs
 shùn xíng circular motion in the same sense as the sun / clockwise
 sī xíng to travel on private business / to act without official approval / to inspect incognito / to act in one's own interest
 sì xíng to act recklessly
 sù xíng rush
 tuō xíng to drag / to tow
 wō xíng snail's pace
 xiāo xíng to sell / to be on sale / to be sold
 xú xíng to walk slowly / to stroll
 yá háng middleman (in former times) / broker
 yín xíng wanton or lascivious behavior / adulterous behavior
 zài háng to be adept at sth / to be an expert in a trade or profession
 zhú háng line by line (translation, scanning etc) / progressive
 zhú xíng progressive
e-银  electronic banking / e-banking
 pái háng bǎng the charts (of best-sellers) / table of ranking
 lu:3 xíng shè travel agency
 zì xíng chē bicycle / bike / CL:輛|辆[liang4]
 kě xíng xìng feasibility
 bù xíng le (coll.) on the point of death / dying
 yín háng kǎ bank card / ATM card
 fēi xíng yuán pilot / aviator
 tōng xíng zhèng a pass (authority to enter) / a laissez-passer or safe conduct
 xìng xíng wéi sexual behavior
 yín háng yè banking
 mìng lìng háng command line (computing)
 kě zhí xíng executable (computing)
 bù xíng jiē car-free zone / pedestrian street
 rén xíng dào sidewalk
 jìn xíng qǔ march (musical)
 bù xíng zhě pedestrian
 dān xíng běn single volume edition / offprint
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