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Radical 61
Strokes 4
Mandarin xīn
Entry Methods
Pinyin xin1
Kanji /
Sijiao 3300.0
CNS 11643 1-4540
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+5FC3
GB2312 D0C4
 xīn heart / mind / intention / center / core / CL:顆|颗[ke1],個|个[ge4]
Results beginning with 心
 xīn li chest / heart / mind
 xīn qíng mood / frame of mind / CL:個|个[ge4]
 xīn zhōng central point / in one's thoughts / in one's heart
 xīn lǐ mental / psychological
 xīn líng bright / smart / quick-witted / heart / thoughts / spirit
 xīn tài attitude (of the heart) / state of one's psyche / way of thinking / mentality
 xīn dé what one has learned (through experience, reading etc) / knowledge / insight / understanding / tips / CL:項|项[xiang4],個|个[ge4]
 xīn xiǎng to think to oneself / to think / to assume
 xīn si mind / thoughts / inclination / mood
 xīn zàng heart / CL:顆|颗[ke1],個|个[ge4]
 xīn tóu heart / thoughts / mind
 xīn dǐ bottom of one's heart
 xīn dòng heartbeat / heart rate / (fig.) emotionally affected / aroused (of desire, emotion, interest etc)
 xīn tiào heartbeat / pulse
 xīn shì a load on one's mind / worry / CL:宗[zong1],樁|桩[zhuang1]
 xīn tòng to feel distressed about sth / heartache / cardiac pain
 xīn téng to love dearly / to feel sorry for sb / to regret / to grudge / to be distressed
 xīn yuàn cherished desire / dream / craving / wish / aspiration
 xīn yì regard / kindly feelings / intention
 xīn shén mind / state of mind / attention / (Chinese medicine) psychic constitution
 xīn shēng thoughts / feelings / aspirations / heartfelt wishes / inner voice
 xīn dì character
 xīn xuè heart's blood / expenditure (for some project) / meticulous care
 xīn jìng mood / mental state / frame of mind
 xīn suì heartbroken / extreme depth of sorrow
 xīn suān to feel sad
 xīn yí to admire
 xīn jí anxious / impatient
 xīn jīng fearful / apprehensive
 xīn lì mental and physical efforts
 xīn jī thinking / scheme
 xīn xū lacking in confidence / diffident / to have a guilty conscience
 xīn xiōng breadth of mind
 xīn kǒu pit of the stomach / solar plexus / words and thoughts
 xīn zhì wisdom
 xīn yǎn heart / intention / conscience / consideration / cleverness / tolerance
 xīn cháng heart / intention / one's inclination / state of mind / to have the heart for sth / mood
 xīn xù state of mind / mood
怀 xīn huái to harbor (thoughts) / to cherish / to entertain (illusions)
 xīn fán to feel agitated / to be troubled / to be annoyed / an upset or distraction
 xīn fēi inner heart / soul
 xīn huāng to be flustered / (dialect) irregular heart-beat
 xīn jī myocardium
 xīn fù trusted aide / confidant / reliable agent / to confide
 xīn qiè eager / impatient / guileless
 xīn ruǎn to be softhearted / to be tenderhearted / to be kindhearted
 xīn xìng one's nature / temperament
 xīn fáng heart (as the seat of emotions) / cardiac atrium
 xīn jì palpitation
 xīn lù scheme / artifice / tolerance / intention / motive / train of thought / brains / wit / ideas
 xīn ài beloved
 xīn jì scheming / shrewdness
 xīn bìng anxiety / sore point / secret worry / mental disorder / heart disease (medicine)
 xīn zuì enchanted / fascinated / charmed
 xīn gān darling / (in negative sentences) heart / humanity
 xīn xián heartstrings
 xīn tián heart (one's innermost being)
 xīn lu:4 heart rate
 xīn zhì will / resolution / aspiration
 xīn shù designs / schemes / intentions / scheming / calculating (of a person)
 xīn jìng tranquil / calm
 xīn kǎn bottom of one's heart
 xīn xì careful / scrupulous
 xīn lǐng I appreciate your kindness (conventional reply to turn down an offer)
 xīn jì true motive / true feelings
 xīn jiāo worried / anxious
 xīn qì intention / motive / state of mind / ambition / aspiration / heart 氣|气[qi4] (TCM)
 xīn fú to accept wholeheartedly / to embrace / to be won over
 xīn qiào the mind / capacity for clear thinking
 xīn suàn mental arithmetic / to calculate in one's head / planning / preparation
 xīn mù mind / view
 xīn shì ventricle (heart)
 xīn dǎn courage
 xīn zhé convinced / to admire from the heart / enchanted
 xīn bāo pericardium
 xīn xué School of Mind / Neo-Confucian Idealistic School (from Song to mid-Qing times, c. 1000-1750, typified by the teachings of Wang Yangming 王陽明|王阳明[Wang2 Yang2 ming2])
 xīn yīn sound of the heart / heartbeat
 xīn gān to be willing / to be satisfied
 xīn bàn heart valve
 xīn bó heartbeat / pulse
 xīn bù Radical
 xīn cái pith / central core (of tree)
 xīn dú cruel / vicious
 xīn gěng abbr. for 心肌梗塞[xin1 ji1 geng3 sai1], myocardial infarction / heart attack
 xīn hán bitterly disappointed / frightened
 xīn jiān bottom tip of the heart / fig. innermost feelings / coll. my darling
 xīn jié a matter that gnaws at one's mind / preoccupation / sore point / rancor
 xīn jìn thoughts / what one has in one's heart
 Xīn jīng the Heart Sutra
 xīn kǒng see 心竅|心窍[xin1 qiao4]
 xīn lún anāhata or anahata, the heart chakra 查克拉, residing in the chest
 xīn sāi (coll.) to feel sick at heart / to feel stifled / to feel crushed
 xīn shǒu new hand / novice
 xīn tǔ subsoil
 xīn xià in mind
 xīn xiàn to admire
 xīn xiù not manifesting one's inner quality
 xīn xǔ to consent tacitly / unspoken approval
 xīn yí to suspect
 xīn yìng hardhearted / callous
 xīn zhǎi narrow-minded / intolerant
 xīn zhàn psychological warfare / (literary) to be inwardly terrorized
 xīn zhào intuitive sympathy / to understand tacitly
 xīn zhòng overanxious / neurotic
 xīn zhóu central axis / spindle
 xīn lǐ xué psychology
 xīn zàng bìng heart disease
 xīn xuè guǎn cardiovascular
 xīn shàng rén sweetheart / one's beloved
 xīn li huà (to express one's) true feelings / what is on one's mind / secret mind
 xīn diàn tú electrocardiogram (ECG)
 xīn jiǎo tòng angina
 xīn lǐ zhàn psychological warfare / psychological operations / psyop
 xīn jī yán myocarditis
 xīn yǎn r one's thoughts / mind / intention / willingness to accept new ideas / baseless suspicions
 xīn dé ān propranolol (beta-blocker used to treat high blood pressure)
 xīn dòng nu:3 (coll.) the girl of your dreams
 xīn dòng tú cardiogram (medicine)
 xīn líng shàng spiritual
 xīn tóu ròu favorite
 xīn wō r one's breast / the pit of one's stomach
宿 Xīn xiù èr Antares, the brightest star in Scorpio 天蠍座|天蝎座[Tian1 xie1 zuo4]
 xīn yǎn dà magnanimous / considerate / thoughtful / able to think of everything that needs to be thought of
 xīn yǎn duō to have unfounded doubts / overconcerned
 xīn yǎn hǎo well-intentioned / good-natured / kindhearted
 xīn yǎn xiǎo see 小心眼[xiao3 xin1 yan3]
 xīn yè duàn small-leaf linden (Tilia cordata)
 xīn yǐng ér (Taiwan usage) child in need of help (orphaned, abandoned, abused etc)
 xīn yuàn dān wish list
 xīn zá yīn see 心臟雜音|心脏杂音[xin1 zang4 za2 yin1]
 xīn zhì céng noosphere
 xīn zhì tú mind map
 xīn lǐ jiàn kāng mental health
 xīn gān qíng yuàn delighted to (do sth, idiom) / perfectly happy to do / most willing to do
 xīn lǐ zī xún counselling
 xīn bù zài yān absent-minded / preoccupied / inattentive / with one's thoughts wandering
 xīn lǐ sù zhì psychological quality (in ideological education)
 xīn mǎn yì zú perfectly contented (idiom) / perfectly satisfied
 xīn lǐ xué jiā psychologist
 xīn kuàng shén yí lit. heart untroubled, spirit pleased (idiom) / carefree and relaxed
 xīn yǒu yú jì to have lingering fears / trepidation remaining after a trauma (idiom)
 xīn huī yì lěng discouraged / downhearted
 xīn píng qì hé tranquil and even-tempered (idiom) / calmly and without stress
 xīn xuè lái cháo to be prompted by a sudden impulse / carried away by a whim / to have a brainstorm
 xīn zhōng yǒu shù to know what's going on
 xīn zhī dù míng to be well aware
 xīn jīng ròu tiào lit. heart alarmed, body leaping (idiom) / fear and trepidation in the face of disaster
 xīn ān lǐ dé to have a clear conscience / to have no qualms about sth
 xīn xiǎng shì chéng to have one's wishes come true / wish you the best!
 xīn huā nù fàng to burst with joy (idiom) / to be over the moon / to be elated
 zhōng xīn center / heart / core / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dān xīn anxious / worried / uneasy / to worry / to be anxious
 hé xīn core / nucleus
 kāi xīn to feel happy / to rejoice / to have a great time / to make fun of sb
 guān xīn to be concerned about / to care about
 fàng xīn to feel relieved / to feel reassured / to be at ease
 nèi xīn heart / innermost being / (math.) incenter
 xiǎo xīn to be careful / to take care
 xìn xīn confidence / faith (in sb or sth) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shāng xīn to grieve / to be broken-hearted / to feel deeply hurt
 jīng xīn with utmost care / fine / meticulous / detailed
 jué xīn determination / resolution / determined / firm and resolute / to make up one's mind / CL:個|个[ge4]
 ài xīn compassion / kindness / care for others / love / CL:片[pian4] / charity (bazaar, golf day etc) / heart (the symbol ♥)
 yòng xīn motive / intention / to be diligent or attentive / careful
 zhēn xīn sincere / heartfelt / CL:片[pian4]
 rén xīn popular feeling / the will of the people
 nài xīn to be patient / patience
 rè xīn enthusiasm / zeal / zealous / zest / enthusiastic / ardent / warmhearted
 è xīn bad habit / vicious habit / vice
 ě xīn nausea / to feel sick / disgust / nauseating / to embarrass (deliberately)
 shēn xīn body and mind / mental and physical
 ān xīn at ease / to feel relieved / to set one's mind at rest / to keep one's mind on sth
 xì xīn careful / attentive
 wú xīn unintentionally / not in the mood to
 yī xīn wholeheartedly / heart and soul
 hǎo xīn kindness / good intentions
 yǒu xīn to have a mind to / to intend to / deliberately / considerate
 zhuān xīn to concentrate / absorption / concentration / engrossed
 liáng xīn conscience
 zhòng xīn center of gravity / central core / main part
 shǒu xīn palm (of one's hand) / control (extended meaning from having something in the palm of one's hand)
 yě xīn ambition / wild schemes / careerism
 zhǎng xīn hollow of the palm
 huā xīn fickle (in love affairs) / dissipated / unfaithful / heart of a flower (pistil and stamen)
 diǎn xin light refreshments / pastry / dimsum (in Cantonese cooking) / dessert
 zhōng xīn heartfelt / wholehearted / cordial
 bèi xīn sleeveless garment (vest, waistcoat, singlet, tank top etc) / CL:件[jian4]
 tiē xīn intimate / close / considerate
 dāng xīn to take care / to look out
 chéng xīn sincerity
 cāo xīn to worry about
 dòng xīn to be moved / to be tempted
 chī xīn infatuation
 mín xīn popular sentiment
 fāng xīn the affection, or heart, of a young woman
 tán xīn to have a heart-to-heart chat
 hěn xīn callous / heartless
 mǎn xīn one's whole heart / from the bottom of one's heart
 kòng xīn on an empty stomach
 kōng xīn hollow / empty headed / mindless
 liú xīn to be careful / to pay attention to
 tóng xīn to be of one mind / united / concentric
 xióng xīn great ambition / lofty aspiration
 gān xīn to be willing to / to resign oneself to
 jìn xīn with all of one's heart
 cún xīn deliberately
 zhī xīn caring / intimate
 zhōng xīn good faith / devotion / loyalty / dedication
 tòng xīn grieved / pained
 suí xīn to fulfill one's desire / to find sth satisfactory
 qīng xīn to admire wholeheartedly / to fall in love with
 kǔ xīn painstaking effort / to take a lot of trouble / laborious at pains
 rěn xīn to have the heart to do sth / to steel oneself to a task
 xū xīn open-minded / humble
 qián xīn to concentrate fully on sth / single-minded
 tān xīn greedy
 huì xīn knowing (of a smile, look etc)
 huān xīn favor / liking / love / jubilation / joy
 yí xīn suspicion / to suspect
 fèi xīn to take a lot of trouble (over sb or sth) / may I trouble you (to do sth)
 quán xīn with heart and soul
 sǐ xīn to give up / to admit failure / to drop the matter / to reconcile oneself to loss / to have no more illusions about
 tóng xīn childish heart / childish innocence
 méi xīn (the space) between the eyebrows
 lí xīn to be at odds with / centrifugal (force)
 yōu xīn concerned / worried / disturbed / anxious
 jìng xīn meditation
 huī xīn to lose heart / to be discouraged
 shū xīn comfortable / happy
 biàn xīn to cease to be faithful
 xī xīn to put one's heart (and soul) into sth / with great care
 fēn xīn to distract
 tián xīn delighted to oblige / sweetheart
 sàn xīn to drive away cares / to relieve boredom
 sī xīn selfishness / selfish motives
 cū xīn careless / thoughtless
 jiè xīn vigilance / wariness
 hēi xīn ruthless and lacking in conscience / vicious mind full of hatred and jealousy / black core (flaw in pottery)
 shěng xīn to cause no trouble / to be spared worry / worry-free
 piān xīn partial / biased / prejudiced / eccentric
 duō xīn oversensitive / suspicious
 shí xīn sincere / solid
 jīng xīn staggering / shocking / frightened
 zhóu xīn axle / (fig.) central element / key element / axis (alliance of nations)
 hóng xīn heart &hearts / (in card games) / red, heart-shaped symbol / bullseye
 héng xīn perseverance
 shàn xīn kindness / benevolence / philanthropy / virtuous intentions
 jiū xīn lit. grips the heart / worried / anxious
 hán xīn disillusioned / bitterly disappointed / terrified
 zuì xīn enthralled / fascinated
 shùn xīn happy / satisfactory
 xiào xīn filial piety (a Confucian obligation) / respect and obedience to one's parents
 chèn xīn satisfactory / agreeable
 dì xīn the earth's core / geocentric
 qí xīn to be of one mind / to work as one
 kě xīn satisfying / to one's liking / to suit sb
 jū xīn to harbor (evil) intentions / to be bent on / a tranquil heart or mind
 chūn xīn amorous feelings / stirrings of love
 kuān xīn relieved / comforted / to relieve anxieties / at ease / relaxed / reassuring / happy
 dān xīn loyal heart / loyalty
 yuán xīn center of circle
 jiā xīn to fill with stuffing (e.g. in cooking) / stuffed
 chéng xīn intentional / deliberate / on purpose
 wéi xīn false / untrue to one's convictions / against one's will / disloyal
 fù xīn ungrateful / heartless / to fail to be loyal to one's love
 zuān xīn to sneak in / to infiltrate / to be piercingly painful / to be unbearable (of pain, itch etc)
 láo xīn to work with one's brains / to rack one's brains / to worry
 xián xīn leisurely mood / relaxed frame of mind
 cài xīn choy sum / Chinese flowering cabbage / stem of any Chinese cabbage
 fán xīn reluctance to leave this world / heart set on the mundane
 guī xīn converted to (religion)
 guà xīn to worry / to be on one's mind
 èr xīn disloyalty / half-heartedness / duplicity
 shōu xīn to concentrate on the task / to curb one's evil instincts
 yì xīn disloyalty / infidelity
 zéi xīn evil intentions
 dān xīn variant of 擔心|担心[dan1 xin1]
 bǎ xīn center of target / bull's eye
 táo xīn heart symbol ♥
 mèi xīn against one's conscience
 shāo xīn to worry
 héng xīn to steel oneself / to harden one's heart
 wài xīn (of a married person) interest in a third person / (old) (of a minister etc) disloyal disposition / (math.) circumcenter (of a polygon)
 suì xīn to one's liking
 dēng xīn lampwick
 bǐ xīn pencil lead / refill (for a ball-point pen)
 èr xīn variant of 二心[er4 xin1]
 Bīng Xīn Bing Xin (1900-1999), female poet and children's writer
 bǐ xīn (Internet slang) to form a hand heart using one's thumb and forefinger (or by using both hands)
 Bù xīn Puhsin township in Changhua county 彰化縣|彰化县[Zhang1 hua4 xian4], Taiwan
 chèn xīn variant of 稱心|称心[chen4 xin1]
 chū xīn (one's) original intention, aspiration etc / (Buddhism) "beginner's mind" (i.e. having an attitude of openness when studying a subject just as a beginner in that subject would)
 dān xīn to devote one's entire mind
 dà xīn (Tw) considerate / thoughtful (from Taiwanese 貼心|贴心, POJ pr. [tah-sim])
 duì xīn congenial / to one's liking
 ě xīn variant of 惡心|恶心[e3 xin1]
 gōng xīn desire for the public good / sense of fair play
 hé xīn acting together / to one's liking
 hòu xīn middle of the back
 jié xīn to do one's utmost
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