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Radical 9
Strokes 2
Mandarin rén
Entry Methods
Pinyin ren2
Kanji /
Sijiao 8000.0
CNS 11643 1-4429
Encodages (hexa)
Unicode U+4EBA
GB2312 C8CB
BIG5 A448
Level 1
 rén man / person / people / CL:個|个[ge4],位[wei4]
Results beginning with 人
 rén yuán staff / crew / personnel / CL:個|个[ge4]
 rén mín the people / CL:個|个[ge4]
 rén men people
 rén cái talent / talented person / looks / attractive looks
 rén shēng life (one's time on earth)
 rén wù person / character (in a play, novel etc) / protagonist / CL:個|个[ge4]
 rén lèi humanity / human race / mankind
 rén shù number of people
 rén qì popularity / personality / character
 rén jia other people / sb else / he, she or they / I, me (referring to oneself as "one" or "people")
 rén jiā household / dwelling / family / sb else's house / household business / house of woman's husband-to-be / CL:戶|户[hu4],家[jia1]
 rén shì person / figure / public figure
 Rén dà (Chinese) National People's Congress / abbr. for 全國人民代表大會|全国人民代表大会[Quan2 guo2 Ren2 min2 Dai4 biao3 Da4 hui4]
 rén tǐ human body
 rén kǒu population / people
 rén lì manpower / labor power
 rén qún crowd
 rén jiān the human world / the earth
 rén shì personnel / human resources / human affairs / ways of the world / (euphemism) sexuality / the facts of life
 rén jūn per capita
 rén gōng artificial / manpower / manual work
 rén cì person-times / visits / classifier for number of people participating
 rén xīn popular feeling / the will of the people
 rén rén everyone / every person
 rén wén humanities / human affairs / culture
 rén xìng human nature / humanity / human / the totality of human attributes
 rén gé personality / integrity / dignity
 rén shēn person / personal / human body
 rén wéi artificial / man-made / having human cause or origin / human attempt or effort
 rén jì human relationships / interpersonal
 rén xuǎn choice of person / candidate
 rén mǎ men and horses / troops / group of people / troop / staff / centaur
 rén shǒu manpower / staff / human hand
 rén shēn ginseng
 rén zào man-made / artificial / synthetic
 rén quán human rights
 rén dào human sympathy / humanitarianism / humane / the "human way", one of the stages in the cycle of reincarnation (Buddhism) / sexual intercourse
 rén zhì hostage
 rén zhōng philtrum / infranasal depression / the "human center" acupuncture point
 rén qíng human emotions / social relationship / friendship / favor / a good turn
 rén liú stream of people / abortion / abbr. for 人工流產|人工流产[ren2 gong1 liu2 chan3]
 rén tóu person / number of people / (per) capita / (a person's) head / (Tw) person whose identity is used by sb else (e.g. to create a bogus account)
 rén pǐn moral standing / moral quality / character / personality / appearance / looks (colloquial) / bearing
 rén mìng human life / CL:條|条[tiao2]
 rén shì the world / this world / the world of the living
 rén chēng person (first person, second person etc in grammar) / called / known as
 rén zú Hominini
 rén hǎi a multitude / a sea of people
 rén xíng human shape / in human form / of human appearance / doll / puppet
 rén yāo transvestite / transsexual / ladyboy
 rén r figurine
 rén cháo a tide of people
 rén yú mermaid / dugong / sea cow / manatee / giant salamander
 rén jū human habitat
 rén míng personal name
 rén yuán relations with other people
 rén mài contacts / connections / network
 rén zhǒng race (of people)
 rén yān sign of human habitation
 rén zhā dregs of society / scum
 rén bǎo personal guarantee / to sign as guarantor
 rén cái variant of 人才[ren2 cai2]
 rén shì native / person from a particular place
 rén zhì rule of man
 rén fàn criminal / culprit / suspect (old)
 rén jié outstanding talent / wise and able person / illustrious individual
 rén yuán orangutan
 rén zhèng witness testimony
 rén dīng number of people in a family / population / (old) adult males / male servants
 rén huán world / earthly world
 rén cóng crowd of people
 rén huò human disaster
 rén wǔ armed forces
  human shield
 rén cái variant of 人才, talent
 rén chén an official (in former times)
 rén cóng retinue / hangers-on
 rén dìng middle of the night / the dead of night
 rén jīng sophisticate / man with extensive experience / child prodigy / Wunderkind (i.e. brilliant child) / spirit within a person (i.e. blood and essential breath 血氣|血气 / of TCM)
 rén lóng a queue of people / a crocodile (of school children)
 rén ròu to dox / human (used attributively, as in 人肉盾牌, human shield)
 rén sēn ginseng
 rén shé illegal immigrant
 rén shì (human) penis (TCM)
 rén sǐ a person's death
 rén xiàng physiognomy
 rén yì people's expectations
 rén zǐ son of man
 rén zī abbr. of 人力資源|人力资源[ren2 li4 zi1 yuan2]
 rén mín bì Renminbi (RMB) / Chinese Yuan (CNY)
 Rén mín wǎng online version of the People's Daily, 人民日報|人民日报[Ren2 min2 Ri4 bao4]
 rén rén dōu everbody
 rén shì bù personnel office / human resources (HR)
 rén shì jiān the secular world
 rén xíng dào sidewalk
 rén qíng wèi human warmth / friendliness / human touch
 rén lèi xué anthropology
 rén shì chù human resources department
 rén zhī chū man at birth (is fundamentally good in nature) / the first line of Three character classic 三字經|三字经[San1 zi4 jing1]
 rén gōng fèi labor cost
 Rén mǎ zuò Sagittarius (constellation and sign of the zodiac)
 rén shēn quán one's personal rights
 Rén tóu mǎ Rémy Martin cognac
 rén gé huà to personalize / anthropomorphism
 rén shì kē Personnel Section
 rén lì chē rickshaw
 rén zào sī rayon
 rén mín dǎng People's party (of various countries)
 rén tóu shuì poll tax
 rén kǒu xué demography
 rén quán fǎ Human Rights law (Hong Kong)
 rén wén xué humanities
 rén zì tuō flip-flops / abbr. for 人字拖鞋[ren2 zi4 tuo1 xie2]
  artificial rainfall
  Population Division
  man-made forest
  Human Rights Corner
  Population Branch
 rén chuán rén transmitted person-to-person
 rén gé shén personal God / anthropomorphic God
 rén gōng dǎo artificial island
 rén gōng hé canal / man-made waterway
 rén gōng yuè Man-month
 rén jiān r outstanding individual / person of great ability
 rén jì hǎn lit. men's footprints are rare / off the beaten track
 rén kǒu kē Population Section
 rén kǒu qún population cluster
 rén kǒu shù population
 rén kǒu tú cartogram
 rén lā dé man-rad
 rén lái fēng to get hyped up in front of an audience / (of children) to play up in front of guests
 rén mǎ bì Sagittarius spiral arm (of our galaxy)
 rén mín jūn People's Army
 rén mín yuàn Wolesi Jirga / House of the People
 rén ǒu xì puppet show
 rén qíng zhài debt of gratitude
 rén quán bù Ministère des droits de l'homme
 rén quán gǔ Human Rights Unit
 rén quán jiǎng Human Rights Advocacy Award
 rén quán kē Human Rights Section
 rén quán rì Human Rights Day
 rén quán sī Human Rights Division
 Rén rén Wǎng Renren (Chinese social networking website)
 Rén shè bù Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security (PRC) / abbr. for 人力資源和社會保障部|人力资源和社会保障部
 rén shì fèi staff costs
 rén shì gǔ Personnel Unit
 rén shì sī Personnel Services Division
K人 K rén (slang) to hit sb / to beat sb
 gè rén individual / personal / oneself
 nu:3 ren wife
 nu:3 rén woman
 nán rén a man / a male / men / CL:個|个[ge4]
 bié ren other people / others / other person
 yǒu rén someone / people / anyone / there is someone there / occupied (as in restroom)
 běn rén the person himself / I (humble form used in speeches) / oneself / myself / in person / personal
 lìng rén to cause sb (to do) / to make one (feel sth) / (used in constructing words for feelings such as anger, surprise, sympathy etc)
 chéng rén adult
 zhòng rén everyone
 dí rén enemy / CL:個|个[ge4]
 Huá rén ethnic Chinese person or people
 lǎo rén old man or woman / the elderly / one's aged parents or grandparents
 guó rén compatriots (literary) / fellow countrymen
 tā rén another / sb else / other people
 kè rén visitor / guest / customer / client / CL:位[wei4]
 zhǔ rén master / host / owner / CL:個|个[ge4]
 dà ren adult / grownup / title of respect toward superiors
 bìng rén sick person / patient / invalid / CL:個|个[ge4]
 qíng rén lover / sweetheart
 jiā rén household / (one's) family
 sān rén troika
 fǎ rén legal person / corporation / see also 自然人[zi4 ran2 ren2]
 xīn rén newcomer / fresh talent / newlywed, esp. new bride / bride and groom
 fū ren lady / madam / Mrs. / CL:位[wei4]
 wú rén unmanned / uninhabited
 gōng rén worker / CL:個|个[ge4],名[ming2]
 jīng rén astonishing
 sī rén private / personal / interpersonal / sb with whom one has a close personal relationship / a member of one's clique
 shā rén homicide / to murder / to kill (a person)
 wàn rén ten thousand people / all the people / everyman
 ài ren spouse (PRC) / lover (non-PRC) / CL:個|个[ge4]
 shāng rén merchant / businessman
 míng rén personage / celebrity
 měi rén beauty / belle
 mí rén fascinating / enchanting / charming / tempting
 yòng rén servant / to employ sb for a job / to manage people / to be in need of staff
 wéi rén to conduct oneself / behavior / conduct / personal character
 wèi rén for sb / for others' interest
 měi rén each person / everybody / per person
 dòng rén touching / moving
 qīn rén one's close relatives
 shī rén bard / poet
 zhēn rén a real person / Daoist spiritual master
 liàn rén lover / sweetheart
 jūn rén serviceman / soldier / military personnel
 liè rén hunter
 yì rén performing artist / actor
 yòu rén attractive / alluring / captivating / to attract / to captivate
 zuò rén to conduct oneself / to behave with integrity
 shì rén people (in general) / people around the world / everyone
 xiǎo rén person of low social status (old) / I, me (used to refer humbly to oneself) / nasty person / vile character
 xíng rén pedestrian / traveler on foot / passer-by / official responsible for arranging audiences with the emperor
 sǐ rén dead person / (coll.) to die / (of a death) to happen
 mǒu rén someone / a certain person / some people / I (self-address after one's surname)
 duì rén in personam
 wài rén outsider / foreigner / stranger
 chāo rén superhuman / exceptional
 gǎn rén touching / moving
 qióng rén poor people / the poor
 zhōng rén go-between / mediator / intermediary
 jù rén giant
 piàn rén to cheat sb / a scam
 jiā rén beautiful woman
 guò rén to surpass others / outstanding / (basketball, soccer etc) to get past an opponent
 huài rén bad person / villain
 tóng rén people from the same workplace or profession / co-worker / colleague / pop culture enthusiasts who create fan fiction etc
 yóu rén a tourist
 gǔ rén people from ancient times / the ancients / the late (i.e. person who has passed away)
 gāo rén very able person
 hēi rén black person / an illegal
 zú rén clansman / clan members / relatives / ethnic minority
 fù rén married woman
 cháng rén ordinary person
 lù rén passer-by / stranger
 hòu rén later generation
 fù rén rich man
 wén rén scholar / literati
 zhuān rén specialist / person appointed for specific task
 mà rén to swear or curse (at people) / to scold or yell at someone
 xiān rén Daoist immortal / celestial being
 páng rén other people / bystanders / onlookers / outsiders
 yǒu rén friend
 fán rén ordinary person / mortal / earthling
 gè rén each one / everyone
 shāng rén to injure sb
 fàn rén convict / prisoner / criminal
 Hú rén Los Angeles Lakers / abbr. for 洛杉磯湖人|洛杉矶湖人[Luo4 shan1 ji1 Hu2 ren2]
 dào rén Taoist devotee (honorific)
 zǒu rén (coll.) to leave / to beat it
 shú rén acquaintance / friend
 pú rén servant
 chuán rén to teach / to impart / a disciple / descendant
 shèng rén saint / sage / refers to Confucius 孔子[Kong3 zi3] / the current reigning Emperor
 kuáng rén madman
 kě rén pleasant / agreeable / a person after one's heart (charming person) / a gifted person
 dān rén one person / single (room, bed etc)
 yī rén (literary) that person (usually female) / she / one's intended
 hé rén who
 zhèng rén witness
 diū rén to lose face
 shuāng rén two-person / double / pair / tandem
 chóu rén foe / one's personal enemy
 hài rén to harm sb / to inflict suffering / to victimize / pernicious
 ǎi rén dwarf
 yù rén to educate people (esp morally)
 dài rén to treat people (politely, harshly etc)
 yě rén savage people
 bī rén pressing / threatening
 wěi rén great person
 rě rén to provoke (esp. annoyance, disgust etc) / to offend / to attract (attention)
 fán rén to annoy / annoying / irritating / troublesome
 zài rén (of spaceships etc) manned / also pr. [zai3 ren2]
 è rén evil person / vile creature / ugly man
 guài rén strange person / eccentric
 qián rén predecessor / forebears / the person facing you
 dá rén expert / person who takes things philosophically
 lǐ rén person from the same village, town or province / peasant (derog.) / (of a school of thought etc) follower
 Hàn rén Han Chinese person or people
 xián rén idle person / idler / unconcerned person
 yí rén nice / pleasant / charming / hospitable to people
 gù rén old friend / the deceased
 zhāo rén to be infectious / to recruit
 liáo rén to attract / to titillate
 huó rén living person
 sēng rén monk
 máng rén blind person
 zuì rén intoxicating / fascinating
 gēn rén to marry (of woman)
 yào rén important person
 rèn rén to appoint (sb to a post)
 ēn rén a benefactor / a person who has significantly helped sb else
 jià rén to get married (of woman)
 fēi rén not the right person (literary) / inhuman
 shēng rén stranger / living person / to give birth / to be born (in a certain time or place)
 bái rén white man or woman / Caucasian
 zuì rén sinner
 tǎo rén (old) girl trafficked into a brothel to work as prostitute
 sòng rén to give away / to accompany / to see sb off
 hài rén terrifying / shocking / dreadful
 láng rén werewolf
 qí rén an eccentric / odd person / person of extraordinary talent
 lǎn rén lazy person
 làng rén vagrant / unemployed person / rōnin (wandering masterless samurai)
 shéi rén The
 jiàn rén slut / cheap person
 xuě rén snowman / yeti
 shǎn rén (coll.) to beat it / to take French leave
 yáng rén foreigner / Westerner
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